The Waltz of Black and White

black and white sunset

black and white sunset (Photo credit: man’s pic)

A prose kind of weekend? Well, so it is.

Black and white. They seem basic, don’t they? What is “they” and why do we have these opposite ends of the spectrum? Are they friends or foes, these black and white lines?

Musings, weekend musings, do come to my mind. Prose, anyone?


Writing (Photo credit: jjpacres)

The Waltz

The black and the white do move together, spectrums of light that dance with grace and diligence. I watch the waltzing lines, the black cascading over the white lines, and the dipping of black is silky as chocolate sauce warming in a pot on the stove.

The white shade hungers to help the black strokes breathe, sweeping over it without want for itself. Its power comes from more than the socket at the side of this room, where I sit in a red velvet chair and stare at the ceiling. There are round dots up there and between them run the black and white waves.

The two spectrums. They are two sides of one band of color – the black and the white. Their waltz begins again, after my eyes open after briefly closing for a moment of self-sight. I am watching and warming my soul with whispers of lines that are anything but chaotic. I am nurturing my mind with the wonder of how these shades came to be above me.

And, don’t tell anyone, but I am hoping that my spirit will dance a little more once I am fully awake.


~This is christyb, with a dancing kind of mind.


66 thoughts on “The Waltz of Black and White

  1. Julie Catherine

    I just love how your mind works, girlfriend! This is awesome – it’s amazing how our creativity expands when we let go of our self-imposed boundaries and just let it BE. Really like this one, Christy! 🙂 xoxox


  2. Aquileana

    ★ Hello Christy/Pie ★

    As ever, great text…

    A sort of Philosophical analysis here:

    The waltz of Black and white… waving movements from one pole to the other, as these colors are “two sides of one band of color”

    As far as I know, white is the color produced by the reflection of visible light…
    And It contains “all” the wavelengths of the visible spectrum.

    As for his opposite black It is the darkest color, the result of the “absence” of light, or the complete absorption of light.

    Black and white are opposites colors and yet complementaries between them as White includes Black: All colors are included in No Color.
    (“They do not understand: how that which separates unites with itself. It is a harmony of oppositions, as in the case of the bow and of the lyre” Heraclitus fragment 45).
    ( “Cold becomes warm, and warm, cold; wet becomes dry, and dry, wet”. Heraclitus fragment 39)

    The Waltz of black and white, the same old battle between opposites which “begins again”. (“It disperses and gathers, it comes and goes”. Heraclitus fragment 40)

    And still: “Round dots flowing between the black and white waves”.
    Black and white join themselves among these interstices.
    Because, in fact, opposites are meant to be attracted one to the other…

    The hidden harmony between opposites defines the unavoidable convergence.
    Truce prevails as Nature is necessarily related to the balance of opposites
    (“Nature loves to conceal herself”. Heraclitus Fragment 10)

    I absolutely adore your text. Thanks for sharing and many hugs to you;

    Aquileana 🙂


    Link The Fragments of Heraclitus of Ephesus:


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Thank-you so much for the analysis here, Aqui. Your heart is large as light and devoid of the black when it comes to friendship.

      I know from our emails that we truly bonded over this one and with the Peter Gabriel song, with the related poem.

      Your waltzing friendship gives me wonderful reason to smile! It’s lovely to see your comment! xxoo


  3. irinadim

    Isn’t that the essence of life, the movement of opposites?

    In the same way, our light and dark moods are dancing partners – the black overshadowing the white like ‘chocolate sauce’ and ‘the white shade hungers to help the black shade breathe’, while you are sitting in a ‘red velvet chair’ – the colour red symbolic of life and energy, of your feeling heart and your enquiring mind.

    This is what your piece, written in most delightful lyrical prose, is telling me.

    And I’m sure your spirit will be dancing when you’re fully awake. 🙂


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Yes, Irina! Exactly — life is about enjoying things and being aware of them because of the opposites, rather than inspite of them. You understand the language here– so happy to have you here.

      I am honored that you took time to read and interpret the piece. Here’s to dances and smiles 🙂


  4. The Regular Guy NYC

    Love how you describe the charactoristics between black and white and how they are interwoven. LIke they are on Dancing with the Stars!

    The chocolate sauce line was brilliant!


  5. D.G.Kaye

    I had often seen your posts around and didn’t even know that this was your site! Glad to have connected, oh and we all know some of our best musings happen before we are fully awake. 🙂


  6. seanbidd

    For certain, the lines and words above standout dyed in black ink upon the bleached surface of the paper, while to just be awake, makes it vivid, relative to the waking instance, as whisper in a cold shadowless night delights rescue, at the fringe to sunrise.

    Love your exploration above, I could not even write close to such an experienced moment..


      1. seanbidd

        For sure, thank you.. Your words dance slow their waves in rhythms, voiced between each inflection, as the tongue turns lines of words within their sounds, listening, alive to breathe.


  7. Tessa

    Your title “The Waltz of Black & White’ definitely set the stage for me. As I read your words…I found myself dancing through the lines. Everything just seemed to flow ever so easily. Thanks for a wonderful moment. Hugs to a very gifted writer.


  8. Pingback: Heraclitus of Ephesus: “The Doctrine of Flux and the Unity of Opposites”.- | La Audacia de Aquiles

  9. D.G.Kaye

    Beautiful metaphors Christy. We can visualize the lovely blend of such opposite realms of the spectrum in colour or view them as harsh opposites. Either way, I appreciate the beauty you are exposing in the blend. Wishing you a sunny week! xo 🙂



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