Flight Path: A Collaboration between Jolie Buchanan and Christy Birmingham


Collaboration of mixed media

Bring on the collaborations! Photo: ©2014 Poetic Parfait.

Bring on the latest collaboration between Jolie Buchanan and Christy Birmingham! I am so pleased with this mixed-media project as it is uplifting for both Jolie’s artwork and my poem.

We started this project a few months ago and are happy to reveal the result today. It all began with artist Jolie. She cleverly used homemade paper (made from recycled white office paper), a carved linoleum block of a stenciled bird, a hand printer press onto watercolor, Photoshop and …. Wowowowow, and she crafted the resulting image below! Obviously the process was a lot more complex than I explained here but if you’re curious about it be sure to ask Jolie. Her contact details are at the end of the post.

After I had received her image by email, I was happy to use it as inspiration for a poem.

Immediately I knew that I wanted to talk about the dove in a way that would be as fresh at the bold colors surrounding it. My goal was to apply bird-like characteristics to a human figure as a twist on the theme of growth and emotional freedom. I wrote the first draft of “Flight Path” without making any changes, until I got to the end. It didn’t seem quite finished though, so I put it aside for a few days. Then I brought back the poem to my computer screen and added the last line. It was then that I felt it was complete.

We hope you enjoy the project “Flight Path” and have a great day!

~Christy and Jolie

Dove artwork by Jolie Buchanan

© 2014 Jolie Buchanan. Beautiful Watercolor Dove.


Flight Path

Fly with grace, I know you can, and
Wave your magical wand toward the moon
To light up your flight path.

You are more than your drenched feathers.

Fears are not the sum of your parts, and
Embarrassment won’t stop a nest from
Its ability to be rebuilt.

You are meant to fly, I know you can, and
It is the moment when you turn can into will
That I will savor the most.

All you need to begin your journey is a
Gentle push –
Now here you are in front of me and
Here is the beginning of your flight path.

Get ready to be extraordinary.


©2014 Christy Birmingham

About Jolie Buchanan

Jolie is a multi-media artist based in Columbus, Indiana. Her work is primarily focused around painting, pottery, photography and old school printing presses. Additionally, she is a student working to complete her master’s in the field of art therapy. Connect with her on the Jolie B Studios Facebook page, Twitter, or Google+.

54 thoughts on “Flight Path: A Collaboration between Jolie Buchanan and Christy Birmingham

  1. Janine Huldie

    Love the poem and the image to go along with it, as they work perfectly together. I especially like the last line about pushing to be extraordinary. What a beautiful and positive message 🙂


  2. Billybuc

    Christy, I like to hang with talented people who are upbeat and love life. You, my friend, meet all the qualifications. Beautiful collaboration. Hugs coming your way for a job well-done.


  3. pictimilitude

    LOVE the poem, LOVE the artwork. That last line definitely packs some powerful wordage.
    I would say that the trajectory of your flight path is up, up, up and away, soaring into the iridescent sunset…


  4. syl65

    Another great collaboration! I swear if you look at the artwork long enough, you sense a dove in flight. Thank you Christy and Jolie. You are both definitely on a steady and inspired flight path. Blessings!


  5. Aquileana

    Another beautiful collaboration by Christy & Jolie…

    I love these two verses of your poem CB:

    ►”Fears are not the sum of your parts”
    ►And: “Get ready to be extraordinary”

    Thanks for sharing.

    Best wishes, Aquileana 😀


  6. Swetank

    I really loved the collaboration of Art and Poem! Fascinating! I wish for such collaboration someday..

    The line I liked :’Fears are not the sum of your parts” Exactly! very much motivation provoking..

    Best wishes (and a free HUG!!), Swetank 🙂


  7. Damyanti

    I love how well the poem and the image mesh together. I’ve done projects like this before, and it is always quite an exciting and fascinating process.


  8. Dee

    Christy, your enthusiasm is contagious! I love your poem’s message. We can soar to the heights unknown when we put our mind to it. Dianna (Teaches12345)


  9. tessa

    I found this to be a beautiful blending of words and art with such an uplifting feeling. Enjoyed it tremendously, such an inspirational piece.


  10. Sue Dreamwalker

    I would say that is one great collaboration between you both.. Wow, your poem so beautifully described Jolie’s wonderful Artwork.. I am so pleased you joined your energy in creating this post.. 🙂



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