Book Review: G. B. Sholander’s Where Are The Ghostwriting Jobs?

Book by G. B. Sholander

Book cover: I recommend it.

If you write online, either on the side or full-time, I recommend the book Where Are The Ghostwriting Jobs: 34 Online Markets For Entry-Level and Established Ghostwriters by G. B. Sholander. It is a helpful read and very well organized in its structure.

About the Book

In this book, author Sholander provides 34 online markets for ghostwriters. The book appeals all levels of experience, from beginners in the field to more experienced writers. For anyone who doesn’t know what a ghostwriter is, it is a person hired to write content for someone else who is named as author of the work.

G. B. Sholander begins Where Are The Ghostwriting Jobs? by explaining what ghostwriters do and how they get started in the field, and then explores the online markets for this career field. The markets named in the book (shhh I can’t give away the site names, you have to get the book to find out), include online job boards and publishing houses. There is even a section about how to create your own opportunities for writing.

Review of Where Are The Ghostwriting Jobs?

I found this book very helpful for me as a writer. I like that the author didn’t make promises early on in the book that were not delivered in later pages. She did not promise to offer places to look for ghostwriting jobs and then fail to provide them. She DOES provide the names of many quality sites that hire writers for these opportunities.

From this book, I found new websites to get jobs and new leads for work. That’s invaluable! Not a bad investment of a few dollars for the e-book! I also learned more about the actual sites. For each online market mentioned, author Sholander explains where the company is based, what you will find there and whether the site is open to people around the world or only to certain countries. It includes the website links for easy reference and specific instructions for how to apply to particular sites to increase chances of acceptance there.

The writing style is clear and easy to understand. It is not a complicated read, which I appreciated! I also liked that there was not an assumption that the reader already knew what a ghostwriter was before starting the book. That meant I never felt like the language was over my head or difficult to understand.

I recommend G. B. Sholander’s Where Are The Ghostwriting Jobs? if you are looking for a knowledgeable book about finding ghostwriting work. Author Sholander has several years as a ghostwriter under her belt and so I trust in her words that are written from experience.

Find the book Where Are The Ghostwriting Jobs? easily at and

Note: I was not paid to review this book. It is an honest review.

©2014 Christy Birmingham


39 thoughts on “Book Review: G. B. Sholander’s Where Are The Ghostwriting Jobs?

  1. aishasoasis

    I wonder if the pay is decent, Christy? Is there a typical payment per word, or is it a payment per article? I’m really new to freelancing, and I’m interested in exploring more ways to increase my experience. Lol, and paycheck, of course! Thanks for the review! ♥♥♥ ;^)


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Hi Aisha, The pay gets higher with more experience. So, if you have more articles in your portfolio then you are able to charge more (provided the work is high quality). It also varies by company, of course, with some willing to offer higher rates than others. I wish you all the best with your freelance career 🙂


  2. ghostwritingplus

    What a happy surprise for me to see this on your blog today. I am deeply honored that you reviewed my ebook, Christy, thank you so very much! And I hope my eBook serves ghostwriters well, whether they’re starting out or experienced 🙂


  3. blueribbonfair

    This sounds like a very helpful book for a writer to make money when they have not gotten into making enough money under their own name yet. It is a subject I know little about. It would probably help you get more recognition also if you want that. Someone might just want to be more in the background and make money, not caring to do anything more. Very interesting read.


  4. ghostwritingplus

    Just want to share a couple of comments … first, you do not need a degree in English to be a ghostwriter. I have a degree in electrical engineering, and it hasn’t hampered my ghostwriting career. Also, for many writers, ghostwriting is rewarding in itself because it enables us to focus on writing without having to spend much time on marketing and publicity, or locating a publisher. Thanks for letting me share!


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  6. Aquileana

    Interesting review … Very well penned too, Christy!
    I have always thought that the expression “ghostwriting” was quite derogatory…
    It seems at the end that the client is the illuminated presence and the writer the blurred shadow behind, despite his/her major inputs and vital contributions…
    I think that language is never naive… A hierarchical relationship is established here.
    “Where are the the Ghostwriting Jobs?” is clearly an eloquent question… I think we would never be able to explicitly answer to it, at least now…
    Hugs to you, Aquileana 😀


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Hi Aqui,
      Well the Internet is so large now and there are job banks growing but it’s not always easy to find the quality opportunities. That’s why I appreciated this book and wanted to share it. Thanks for enjoying the review, honey! HUGS xo


  7. Sue Dreamwalker

    Thank you for the share Christy… I have to say until I became a blogger, I had no idea what a ghost writer did.. LOL… So thank you for sharing more enlightenment upon my path :-).. xxx 😉


  8. ghostwritingplus

    Hi Carol! To respond to your comment, I’ve ghostwritten for motivational speakers, company CEOs, attorneys, physicians, psychologists, publishers, a stunt man, and counselors, among others. Have not yet ghostwritten for Hollywood celebs, though. Maybe one day!



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