Guest Post for the F.I.T.S. Series on Freelance Writing

Guest Post for Freelance Writing Series

Visitor, aka Guest Post Time! Photo Source: ©2013 Christy Birmingham of Poetic Parfait

One of the best parts of being a freelance writer for more than two years now is that I have met great people and get some unique opportunities. A wonderful project was offered to me recently by writer and editor Lorraine Reguly. She asked me to write a guest post as part of her F.I.T.S. Series on Freelance Writing on her website Wording Well.

The object of the writing series, which is still going at her site, is for freelance writers at different points in their careers (from beginner to more advanced) to offer tips to help other writers. Of course, I wanted to take part! I hope you will visit my post, which just published today, titled The Ups and Downs of the Freelance Writing Field. Part of what I discuss in my post is how to ask for a pay raise and what led me to take that step.

I hope you are having a productive week and happily creating new projects!

~Smiles from christyb


50 thoughts on “Guest Post for the F.I.T.S. Series on Freelance Writing

  1. Letizia

    Just read your article – great tip for budding writers! I think it’s also a good tip about valuing your work and yourself, and forcing yourself to think about why you are worthy. Good job!


  2. Resa

    Congratulations Christy! It’s not easy to make it as a free lancer in any creative area. I know this from experience, and you are right about taking the good with the bad. There is lots to be learned from both sides of that thought.
    Even after all my years as a free lancer, I still need to hear the advice and heart that you have offered in this post.
    Thank you! _Resa 🙂


  3. Dee

    Hey, Christy! I am going to head over and read your guest post. Asking for a raise is something we all need to know how to do well. Congratulations on being asked to write on the topic.


  4. Sue Dreamwalker

    I will be dropping in to read your post Christy, and now you tell me how to ask for a payrise LOL.. Now I have joined the Retirement Club LOL.. 🙂 xxx Big Smiles.. xxx And Congrats on being invited to write a guest post too 🙂 Brilliant.. 🙂



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