November’s Guest Storyteller, Christy Birmingham

I am excited to debut this flash fiction piece as the November storyteller over at Sarah Potter Writes! I hope you enjoy the read of my story “Shoveling Conversation.”

~Christy xo

Sarah Potter Writes

Christy Birmingham 600x600

Christy Birmingham is a poet, author and freelance writer in British Columbia, Canada. Her debut poetry collection Pathways to Illumination is available exclusively at Redmund Productions. If you haven’t been by her blog Poetic Parfait yet, check it out. You can also find Christy on Twitter.


Shoveling Conversation

We stood, I threw onions, we never left… in our minds.

It was Thursday, and we weren’t any more drunk than usual. Only a few bottles of Merlot in and already Alex was throwing words my way that amounted to a hit that felt like a shovel to the face.

“You can’t tell me that,” he said. “You told me – you said you wanted to give her up for adoption. How was I to know you didn’t mean it?”

I didn’t hear anything other than give her up for adoption. His mouth moved in ways that I wish…

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49 thoughts on “November’s Guest Storyteller, Christy Birmingham

  1. Miranda Stone

    I left a comment at Sarah Potter Writes, but I just wanted to reiterate how moving I found this story, Christy. You are such a talented writer, and what you convey in this flash fiction piece is incredibly powerful.


  2. Aquileana

    I wonder is she shed tears when she chopped those onions (I think she had a few reasons!)… Congratulations on the spotlight dear Christy… ⭐
    All the best to you!, Aquileana 😀


  3. davidprosser

    Flash fiction portrays flash reality. The difference between the way the sexes think couldn’t be better brought home. Never argue with a woman holding a knife. Well done Christy.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx



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