Terry Irving's Day of the Dragonking

Book Spotlight: Day of the Dragonking by Terry Irving

Hello and happy reading to all! Today I am chatting about the latest book I read. It is Terry Irving’s Day of the Dragonking, which is Book One of The Last American Wizard series. It is a fantasy book that is one heck of a wild ride!

The Day of the Dragonking features Steve Rowan as the last American wizard and Ace Morningstar, a female Navy SEAL who has orders to defend Steve… Well, unless it comes down to defending him or his cell phone, in which case the cell takes precedence.

Let me back up a bit. Steve didn’t realize that saving the world was all on his shoulders until he saw a plane crash in the parking lot of his apartment building and then, soon after, a dragon consumed it. Yes. You read that right. It turns out Steve can see OTN (“Other Than Normal”) phenomena in the world, which no one else can unless they use special glasses. So, nobody saw or heard the crash except Steve. Now it’s up to him to figure out why the plane was crashed by suicide bombers and…

…Oh yes, the cell phone. This part made me laugh throughout the book because I know the author Terry Irving personally, he is my friend, and he has a great wit about him. So, he integrated into the book a cell phone holding a computer named Barnaby that helps to guide Steve through dangerous situations by talking, vibrating, and more, along with Ace. The cell phone is also haunted by “Send Money,” the ghost of a Chinese guy. Trust me it’s worth the read just for the scenes with the cell – pretty clever.

Oh and did I mention that there are ghosts and that each character in the book is based on a playing card in a Tarot deck? Well, I better mention it now. Okay, now I did.

Seriously though, this fantasy book involves action, politics, and clever writing. I rate it highly but will not be giving it a certain number of stars out of five here as author Terry Irving is my friend so I wouldn’t be totally objective about it.

Read the book for yourself, and you won’t be disappointed. As Terry knows, I tell it as it is, and I would say if it weren’t good. But, it is. You can tell that from what I wrote above here, right? Check out Day of the Dragonking at Amazon. It officially goes on sale April 1st with a pre-order option right on the book page. I was fortunate to get an advance copy (yes, I was happy!).

As well, I interviewed Terry Irving last year about his book Courrier, so you are welcome to read that author interview too if you haven’t already done so. Hint: You’ll see what Terry looks like and learn about both his news writing background and his creation process.

~Wishing you a reading party kind of day, ♥


47 thoughts on “Book Spotlight: Day of the Dragonking by Terry Irving

      1. markbialczak

        I learned both, Terry. I think you did, too. BTW, I met you commenting on your blog previously about the D.C area. I went to U of Maryland and worked at the Prince George’s Journal while living in Greenbelt, Md., in the late ’70s/early ’80s.


  1. Resa

    Congrats to Terry!
    “Lol” I love that it’s being released on April Fools Day! It seems to fit with the idea of the cell phone wit.
    He obviously has a huge fertile imagination.
    Thanks Christy, this is a fun review!


  2. balroop2013

    This book seems to be quite a fun…cell phone ghost? Totally new kind of ghost, quite innovative! Your review is very balanced and alluring Christy, arousing interest! I must add this book to my wish list!
    Congratulations to Terry and best wishes for a successful launch!


  3. Aquileana

    Great spotlight! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
    It sounds like a very intriguing book…. Congrats to Terry for his book
    And to you for another awesome bookish feature, Chris…
    Happy week ahead!!!!! Aquileana 😀


  4. Debbie

    Great interview, Christy, and best wishes to Terry for much success with his book! It does my heart GOOD to read of former journalists (however they may define that) who leave the business and find a life on the other side!


  5. reocochran

    The part that grabbed my attention, was that the author is your friend. Then, the other part I enjoyed was how he used the cell phone to be kind of like a ‘caretaker,’ Christy. This is a great and modern book which you gave it an excellent review.



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