The True Version of Herself. Christy Birmingham, poet.

When Shehanne Moore invited me to her blog today for an author interview, I was delighted to join her (and the hamstahs!). If you don’t follow Shehanne’s blog, I recommend you do. This is the most adorable, fun, and unique interview I have done to date. Thank you, Shehanne. And thank you to you all for your support this week of my new book – I am energized and happy! Happy weekend ahead, as well!
~Love Christy

shehanne moore

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Okay…dudes… dudes… I must offer my apologies for being so remiss this week, but family, house, editing, writing, writing blog posts for my blog tour and Glencoe have kind of made things extra busy.

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Yes. Glencoe was looking very nice, as you can see from this pic here….



Remind me to blog the story of James of the Glen who inspired the book Kidnapped and also my two blog awards as well as show off my shabby chic dining room…


AFTER we welcome our latest guest,


the lovely, the adorable, the fabulously talented….


CHRISTY BIRMINGHAM. Poet extraordinaire. A huge talent and a very nice lady, who I’m thrilled has agreed to come along and be interviewed.







Okay dudes, can we stop this please and if we do and if we interview Christy nicely, about the important things in her life and her writing, then you can all get out of the…

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63 thoughts on “The True Version of Herself. Christy Birmingham, poet.

    1. Aquileana

      Christy How neat… I love the hamstah’s interview at She’s blog … (note, I call her She, not Shey LOl) … Anyhow … we need to get you a pet… A cat… Maybe a hamster… Name> Donovan… Or maybe Atwood if she is a girl!…
      Huge congrats and I love the feature… Very nice!. Friday Hugs, Aquileana ⭐


  1. Debbie

    I’ve never had a hamster, Christy, but gee, they sound sassy and fun-loving! Poor Dallas would be beside himself, trying to herd them into the corner and barking at them, though! Congrats on your interview. I, too, find solace in nature and ideas EVERYWHERE! Happy weekend, Miss Poet!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ralph

    I have just come over from Shey’s post and you make a great guest Christy. I hope the hammies didn’t chew your shoes while you were there 😉 ❤


  3. Resa

    It’s a wonderful interview, and you shine! Congrats, Christy! Looking forward to reading my hard copy of your book! I’m looking at it now. The cover is gorgeous!


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  5. Sherri

    Wonderfully inspiring interview Christy. Your authenticity shines through, your journey from darkness to light will, I’m sure, bless many others. You certainly bless me 🙂 I’m sorry I haven’t been around lately, but I hope to get back to more regular blogging again soon after. I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and that you have a beautiful day my friend ❤


  6. Ka

    What a fun interview, Shey & Christy! It brought me lots of smiles to read. I really appreciate seeing what inspires our author, Christy; and tuning into her, joining her in celebrating her/our ‘ability to overcome’ in the midst of living through darkness – rising up, self-kindness. I’m definitely inspired. Taking a moment to read this interview certainly enriched my day. The hamsters seemed to contribute so well, even if they tried to eat everything. Well, that’s hunger for you…

    Christy, hope you had an excellent weekend, and have a great week ahead. : o D


  7. Rajagopal

    Loved the youthful zest in the interview… But concerned about your wellness, and your absence from the scene over last couple of months…trust all fine…best wishes… Raj.


  8. Stephen Thom

    Awesome work Christy, quite a trippy interview at times there 🙂 ‘I believe that I am alive today because I am meant to share what I went through using words.’ – that’s everything. personal history is an act of activism 🙂 hope you’re well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sue Dreamwalker

      yes I have also been concerned about the where abouts of our Christy, she is greatly missed in the blogsphere my friend.. And have regularly been here and left comments on her about me page too to ask if she is well… It is a worry Melousief.. ~ Sue Dreamwalker



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