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Author Deepak Singh on the Inspiration Behind His Book

Today I am giving the virtual floor to Deepak Singh, the author of Rise Today, Lead Tomorrow. I first learned about the book when I stopped by Deepak’s blog deepakdheer. The book’s title caught my eye, as did its summary about overcoming setbacks in business, sports, and life in general. What follows below is Deepak’s explanation of what inspired him to write this book on personal development.

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My idea for the book were born from hard-won experiences that declare: ‘Anyone can fall, but then anyone can rise again.’

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Deepak Sing Talks about How He Got the Idea to Write His Book.

I suppose that’s what motivated me to write the book Rise Today, Lead Tomorrow. Forty-five stories in my book show how ordinary people faced immense personal misfortune, yet they refused to give up and pushed themselves to the top.

Bouncing back from defeats and shining is at the heart of what I want to bring to young working professionals, and business people. The book will inspire individuals trying to recover from setbacks and achieve success in business, sports, and life!
It’s encouragement for everyone who is facing diversity, such as lost job, or bankruptcy, or perhaps feeling emotionally drained.

The fact is, after I started writing my blog, I discovered I am not the only one, lots of people out there are unhappy, disappointed and tired of failing again and again and need guidance. The same people usually thanked me for the information I shared in my blogs and wanted more. That’s how it started. And ultimately I decided to tackle the problem in the way I know…
I’ve wanted to be a writer ever since I met speaker and a writer Jim Rohn back in 2000, and read the book The Greatest Salesman in World by Og Mandino, when I was about 28 years old.
But, I was not sure when it would happen. 
My passion for speaking on topics like leadership, winning psychology, and what interest people in their daily lives led me into writing business. 
A question that may inspire you

An important question from author Deepak Singh that he poses on the back cover of his book.

After about 12 years of intense reading, research and training people, I knew that I was ready for writing. I started with short stories and blogs to help young leaders figure out the mysteries of success and failure in the first place and fell in love with the process of writing and storytelling.
This, along with all the feedback, made me feel positive that what I was writing had potential. And everything just took off from there! I began writing Rise Today, Lead Tomorrow – my first book – in 2013 and now want to write my next book.  
Here you can enjoy sample chapters of my latest book:
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36 thoughts on “Author Deepak Singh on the Inspiration Behind His Book

  1. Deepak Singh

    Awww delighted! I appreciate your great efforts for sharing my little thoughts about the book, with the blogger community in such an awesome style. Also, I thank to all the readers who love christy, and liked this wonderful post.:)

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  3. Dee

    Readers enjoy stories about people who rise up from a difficult stage of life. Deepak’s view of life is inspiring and I am sure many will increase their business success and personal life circumstances for good after reading his book. Thanks for highlighting this author.

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