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Book Cover of Noah Padgett and the Dog-People

Sarah Potter Chats about Book Publishing & Writing Inspiration

I am pleased to give the blogging stage to author Sarah Potter today! I first connected with Sarah a few years ago, through her blog Sarah Potter Writes. Since then, I have enjoyed following her publishing career as well as reading the poetry and short stories she has shared on her blog.

When she released a new book of juvenile fiction titled Noah Padgett and the Dog-People, I wanted to have her over here to talk about the writing process and learn more about the book. So, without further ado, here is Sarah.

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Thank you, Christy, for inviting me to guest post at your wonderful blog, to talk about publishing and my latest novel, plus offer some tips on finding writing inspiration.

Welcome to the world of multi-genre mash-up

By nature, I’m an eccentric person with a quirky, exceedingly British sense of humour who doesn’t find it easy to conform; thus it’s hardly surprising that my novels buck against the trend and don’t fit neatly into a single category, which, in turn, makes them a huge challenge to market. I have a pile of rejection letters from publishers and agents to prove that this is the case; they say things such as, “beautiful writing, but too hard to market” or “we applaud your imagination, but can’t see this fitting neatly on any shelf in a bookshop.”

Chatting with Sarah Potter about books and more

Author Sarah Potter, taking a break from writing.

Last year, encouraged by my family, I decided to indie publish one of my five novels, Desiccation, rather than leave it filed away gathering dust. It is a young adult crossover novel (for readers aged 15+).

Years ago, my teenage son read it in a night and spent the following day dozing off at school. He didn’t care that my novel was a multi-genre mash-up of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, humour, with a few erotic undertones and plenty of teenagerisms. He just loved the story and characters.

My latest novel, Noah Padgett and the Dog-People, aimed at readers aged 10-18+, is an adventure and survival story with smidgeons of science fiction and fantasy.
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It’s a Bookish World with Captain Fantastic

Ben and family in the woods

Part of the cast of Captain Fantastic. I see books in one box!

Recently I went and saw the movie Captain Fantastic at a local theatre here in Victoria, BC. It was a drama with funny moments sprinkled throughout it as we follow the adventures of Ben (played by Viggo Mortenson) and his family after the passing of his wife. In particular, I enjoyed the spotlight on books that came with the viewing experience – although I admit to not being quite as immersed in the literary world as the family in this film! I’m also not living off the grid like this family.

Ben, Books & Family Life

In Captain Fantastic, Ben has a unique vision of parenting, to put it mildly. He and his six kids live in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, where he regularly puts them through tough physical and intellectual challenges as his form of education. Books are a huge part of this homemade curriculum; he assigns books to each of the children and asks them to present analyses to him of what they read as a way to strengthen their critical thinking skills.

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Christy D. Birmingham, Writer, Poet & Author

I am over at Hadel S. Ma’ayeh’s blog today for an interview! I hope you will stop by for the chat! I am honored to be featured in the Arts & Entertainment section of her informative site. ♥ Christy

Hadel Poetry Prose Arts and Storytelling

Christy_Birmingham_Profile (copy)Christy Birmingham

It is not surprising to admire the strokes of a famous oil painting such as Girl with a Sunshade by famous painter, Jules Bastien-Lepage that captures powerful emotions and imagery within each stroke.

However, it is also rare to find a poet with unique style of words who expresses sensitiveness, thought provoking analogies and symbolism as fellow poet and writer, Christy Birmingham.

Christy is an author and a freelance writer residing in Victoria, BC, Canada. Since Christy’s elementary days, she has been using her creative thinking and surroundings to write poems and short stories.

The most intriguing part of Christy’s written words is her acuteness to dig deep inside her mind, heart and soul from past regressions and abuses. She magnificently takes the readers to her inner most thoughts along with sharing the beauty of nature.

I am fortunate to interview and also, delighted to introduce for my…

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The Viking and the Courtesan by Shehanne Moore

An Interview with Author Shehanne Moore on Writing and the Vikings

Today seems like the perfect day for an interview about writing, publishing, and Vikings. Yes, Vikings. I just set the coffee table with two teacups and am about to pour tea for my guest, whom you might already know.

I’m speaking of author Shehanne Moore, whose blog I have followed for some time now and thoroughly enjoy reading (the hamsters that frequent her blog will be here soon). If you want to join us, I can add another teacup. Sit here with us and listen in for what promises to be a compelling chat that includes discussion of her book The Viking and the Courtesan. Did I mention Shehanne writes historical fiction? Ahem, she does, and her wonderful wit is overflowing on this sunny spring day.

Hi Shehanne! How about we start by learning more about you and your writing background?

Well, my bio will tell you I’m Scottish. I live on the banks of the beautiful River Tay. These days it’s with Mr. Shey, my two daughters have their own lives–close by though. I’d love to travel more but I get my fair share on my beloved Scottish mountains and right now I’m busy doing up the house we moved to eighteen months ago. I’ve probably wanted to be a writer since I was like… seven.. and flown that one a bit by the seat of my pants, I mean, here I am writing historical romance, when I once wrote comic strips for girls and edited a history journal…

I think it’s wonderful that you fulfilled your childhood dream of being a writer! Now you have published several books! How would you describe your latest book The Viking and the Courtesan for anyone who is not yet familiar with it?

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