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Science Fiction and Bio-Terrorism

Women Survivors of Bio-Terrorism: Dana Scully and Elizabeth Shaw

It’s all about science fiction today with this guest post from the talented writer Natacha Guyot. You may remember her from a popular post called My Love of Spaceships. I’m happy to have her back to talk more about sci-fi, this time with an emphasis on two female characters whose names may sound familiar: Dana Scully and Elizabeth Shaw. The stage is all yours, Natacha!

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Guest Post from Writer Natacha Guyot

Author Natacha Guyot Discusses Science Fiction and Women.

Today, I would like to give a closer look at two female characters who could not only survive their ordeal but turn their circumstances around in an empowered manner. These two are Dana Scully from the X-Files and Elizabeth Shaw from Prometheus.

Both are submitted to traumatic experiments against their will. Several events occur between seasons 2 to 5 of the X-Files. Dana Scully is abducted and has her reproductive material harvested, leading her to be pronounced infertile.

What was stolen from Scully was partially used to create a human and alien hybrid daughter, Emily, she briefly knows before the girl’s death. Scully was also implanted with a chip during her abduction whose removal causes cancer.

In Prometheus, Elizabeth Shaw was impregnated with alien genetic material, thus finding herself pregnant with a monstrous fetus, although she stated earlier in the movie that she couldn’t conceive children. Continue reading

Holiday Reading with Sue Moorcroft's Book

Why Write a Christmas Book? Author Sue Moorcroft Explains

Please join me in welcoming author Sue Moorcroft to the blog! She offers insights into writing a Christmas book and the origins of her latest novel The Christmas Promise in this holiday guest post. Take it away, Sue!

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Writing a Christmas book was a new experience for me. I’d written quite a few short stories for magazines set at or around Christmas but never anything longer. I’m not the world’s biggest Christmas fan.

I suppose there are three reasons I wrote The Christmas Promise. Here’s the chronology:

Waterstones had given me an opportunity to sign books in my local store. While I was handing out my bookmarks and chatting to prospective readers I was able to observe the table at the front of the store piled high with novels featuring Christmas. Those novels were just walking out of the store. A couple of people even came up to look at my books and said that if there had been a Christmas one they would have bought it because they make such good presents for friends or stocking fillers for relatives. Continue reading

Escape Pod Emulation for Christy Birmingham

I’m in an epod at Freya Pickard’s blog today. I am only allowed to pack five things with me on this adventure… What will I take? Read on to find out!

Dragonscale Clippings

Here is another Escape Pod Emulation! A warm welcome to author, Christy Birmingham!
So here I am, in this e-pod, and I’m feeling a bit claustrophobic. I better slow down my breathing to conserve the oxygen. Luckily, if I feel lightheaded, it won’t really matter too much as I’m not steering this contraption.
I settle into the console chair, knowing I’ll be here a while, and open up the cloth bag that rests on my lap. Inside, I find my five things here. Only five. It was quite the ordeal to decide what to take with me. I take out each item, one by one.
1. A Book. I find security in the familiarity of the book Surfacing by Margaret Atwood, which I have read several times and contains a handwritten note from my mom on the first page.
2. A Pillow. If I’m going to get some decent…

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Book Cover of Rise Today, Lead Tomorrow

Author Deepak Singh on the Inspiration Behind His Book

Today I am giving the virtual floor to Deepak Singh, the author of Rise Today, Lead Tomorrow. I first learned about the book when I stopped by Deepak’s blog deepakdheer. The book’s title caught my eye, as did its summary about overcoming setbacks in business, sports, and life in general. What follows below is Deepak’s explanation of what inspired him to write this book on personal development.

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My idea for the book were born from hard-won experiences that declare: ‘Anyone can fall, but then anyone can rise again.’

Profile Photo of Author Deepak Sing

Deepak Sing Talks about How He Got the Idea to Write His Book.

I suppose that’s what motivated me to write the book Rise Today, Lead Tomorrow. Forty-five stories in my book show how ordinary people faced immense personal misfortune, yet they refused to give up and pushed themselves to the top.

Bouncing back from defeats and shining is at the heart of what I want to bring to young working professionals, and business people. The book will inspire individuals trying to recover from setbacks and achieve success in business, sports, and life!
It’s encouragement for everyone who is facing diversity, such as lost job, or bankruptcy, or perhaps feeling emotionally drained.

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