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It’s a Bookish World with Captain Fantastic

Ben and family in the woods

Part of the cast of Captain Fantastic. I see books in one box!

Recently I went and saw the movie Captain Fantastic at a local theatre here in Victoria, BC. It was a drama with funny moments sprinkled throughout it as we follow the adventures of Ben (played by Viggo Mortenson) and his family after the passing of his wife. In particular, I enjoyed the spotlight on books that came with the viewing experience – although I admit to not being quite as immersed in the literary world as the family in this film! I’m also not living off the grid like this family.

Ben, Books & Family Life

In Captain Fantastic, Ben has a unique vision of parenting, to put it mildly. He and his six kids live in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, where he regularly puts them through tough physical and intellectual challenges as his form of education. Books are a huge part of this homemade curriculum; he assigns books to each of the children and asks them to present analyses to him of what they read as a way to strengthen their critical thinking skills.

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P.A.W.S. Book Cover

Interview with Author Debbie Manber Kupfer

Interview with P.A.W.S. author Debbie Manber Kupfer

Hello Debbie Manber Kupfer, nice to visit with you today. Photo courtesy of Debbie.

Hi everyone! The doorbell just went and I have to hurry to the door to see who is there. (Looking through the peephole in the door). Oh how wonderful, it is author Debbie Manber Kupfer! Hi Debbie, welcome to the Parfait-verse. I hope all is well.

What’s that? Oh yes, I have restocked the shelves. After Raymond Alexander Kukkee ate all of the ice cream sandwiches, I went and got us Oreos instead. Here, sit down and let’s talk a bit about you.

Debbie, please tell us a little about yourself and how you first became interested in writing.

I grew up in London and have lived in Israel, North Carolina, and New York before ending up in St. Louis where I live with my husband, two kids, and the real ruler of our household, our kitty, Miri Billie Joe. I divide my time between writing fiction and writing puzzles for magazines and my puzzle blog, Paws 4 Puzzles, and recently published my first book of logic problems, Paws 4 Logic, together with my son, Joey.

I’ve been writing stories ever since I was a kid. I used to fill notebooks with my tall tales and even wrote a series of “novels” in elementary school. It wasn’t until 2012 though that I first started to take my writing seriously. In October 2012 I had a vision of a young girl being given a silver cat charm by her grandmother, and I knew the vision was important, from this the story of P.A.W.S. was born.

I decided to try NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I put the rest of my life on hold for a month and wrote my story. At the end of the month I had the first draft of P.A.W.S.

And we are so glad you have taking your writing seriously or we would not have gotten these books! That’s great that you completed NaNoWriMo successfully as I have heard it is quite the challenge. Okay, now I am wondering, if you had to choose, which writers would you consider to be mentors? Continue reading

Free Books and a Progress Report of My Book

Let's read free books

He is reading, right now! Free books, anyone? Photo: Kamil Porembiński , CC BY-SA 2.0, via FreeStockPhotos.biz

Ah, how delightful to wake up and be surrounded by notification of new books to read! Particularly since I just posted yesterday about finding time to read even when you’re busy. By the way, thank you to everyone yesterday who offered additional tips in the comments section of the post. Feel free to browse the useful suggestions there.

Book Win from Jo Robinson, Woohoo!

Okay, now back to the new books to read. I awoke to an email from author Jo Robinson telling me that I won the book launch tour giveaway yesterday for three of her books. How exciting! You can find out more about her books at Jo Robinson blog. I will review them once I have read them. I will also review The White Horseman by J.S. Graydon once I finish it. I just finished another book yesterday that I will review this coming week.

Free Books for You Too

As I read through some blog posts this morning and email notifications, I also noted some free books available. If you live in Canada, the US or the UK, you can get Terry Tyler’s Dream On for free.

Also, the Kindle edition of Spellbound (Spellbringers Book 1) by Tricia Drammeh is free right now too! I have this one already and look forward to the read soon! It looks to be a mix of paranormal awesomeness!

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Pathways to Illumination Officially Publishes!

Okay, okay, so I debated whether to add the exclamation point to the title of this post and then I thought… “Well heck yes it has an exclamation point! Heck yes I am excited!”

Okay, okay, so I have been saying, “I am excited” for several days now but… Good things never get old, now do they? ((Smiles))


Bring on the celebrations! (Photo credit: rowanb73)

I am extremely proud to announce that my first book Pathways to Illumination is now available for purchase exclusively through the RedmundPro bookstore. Wait for it… : “!!!” It is available in both e-book and hard copy formats.

Thanks to everyone who has supported and continues to support my writing journey. I call it a journey because I am always on a quest to better and strengthen myself. I think we all are that way, or at least that is my hope. Thanks to Redmund Productions, as well, for your hard work as publisher.

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