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The Decision to Go Dark (Guest Post)

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Meet Charles E. Yallowitz, Author of the Legends of Windemere Series.

Please join me in welcoming author Charles E. Yallowitz to the blog today! His fantasy stories are truly one of a kind, as shown by the Legends of Windemere Series. With the newest book in his series, Ritual of the Lost Lamb, going live within the past week, it’s an exciting time for Charles! He’s here with a guest post that talks about the darker side of this newest novel and why he chose to go that way with the series. Take it away, Charles:

The Decision to go Dark

Thank you to Christy for letting me write a guest post to help promote my newest book, Legends of Windemere: Ritual of the Lost Lamb.  This is the 13th book of my fantasy series and it’s where things start to take a dark turn for the heroes. Luke Callindor, who has been around since the first book, has been captured by the evil Baron Kernaghan, who wants to goad the other champions into their final battle. To make sure they know time is running out, the Baron is protecting Luke’s suffering to the team telepath. In order to save him and not walk into a trap, his best friend, Nyx, will start a forbidden ritual that will put her own life and sanity in danger. All of this creates tension with the other champions, which can be seen as things start to fall apart around them.

So, why the quick synopsis as if I’m pitching a book to an agent? The reason is because the series was fairly lighthearted for the first 12 books. Bad stuff happened, but there was always a humor and positivity to what was going on. The heroes managed to rise out of the ashes or pull off a win even if they lost something. Now, there was emotional turmoil and times where they split up because of mistakes. Yet, it never got as dark as what happens here. Luke is tortured and everyone is going to be coming out of this adventure at least emotionally battered. I’ve compared it to a track runner breaking his leg within reach of the finish line, but still having to crawl the rest of the way. That’s where this book starts and it’s a battle for them to get out of the hole that they’ve found themselves in.

This shift in tone is what made me nervous about writing the book because I started off so ‘light and fluffy’. I mean, people got upset when characters talked about sex or hinted that they had sex off-screen. The thoughts of what people would think with this meat-grinder of an adventure really threw doubt into what I was doing. Even more Continue reading

Cover of the Fantasy Book The White Horseman

Book Review: The White Horseman by J.S. Graydon

Cover of the Fantasy Book The White Horseman

Book Cover of The White Horseman by J.S. Graydon.

This is an honest review; I received the book free from the writer in exchange for writing a review about it.

Hello everyone! Another book read on my list and here is the review. This time around it is the fantasy book The White Horseman by J.S. Graydon. The novel is set in a magical world in which the main character Ben finds himself after a car crash propels him from the human world into it. Talk about culture shock!

In this fantasy world are a bunch of strange characters. They are either good, such as a creature who says the exact opposite of what he means, or they are evil. Perhaps the most evil of all is a sorcerer who is trying to summon the White Horseman to take over both the human and magical worlds. If the White Horseman is summoned, it will wipe out humanity. Can Ben and the strange group of bumbling, good-natured creatures stop the mad sorcerer?

Such is the plot of The White Horseman by J.S. Graydon. When I first started the read, it took me a while to get into it because I kept comparing it to The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I almost wanted not to like it because of the similarities between the two tales, including the journey of a group of misfits with magical powers who are driven to stop evil from happening. That being said, I began to turnaround in favor of the book by the time I reached the 200-page mark.

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