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Author Interview on the Reading to Writing Journey

Reading to Writing: A Q&A on My Author’s Journey

Thank you to Maggie Thom for having me over today to participate in her series titled “An Author’s Journey Through Reading to Writing”!

I met Maggie several years ago, and we have kept in contact through our blogs and social media every since. Her books are dynamic reads, and I suggest you check out her website too!

Here is the interview in which Maggie asked me a series of questions about my journey through reading to writing. For any writer, I truly believe that reading is an essential tool for success! Thank you to all who stop by to read and comment on the interview. Your support is humbling.



Author Interview: Welcome to Maggie Thom

Profile Photo of Author Maggie Thom

Author Maggie Thom is here for an interview! Photo via Maggie Thom.

Today I’m pleased to have author Maggie Thom in the house! I have known her for several years and enjoy her writing style. If you like suspense and intrigue, then I think you will enjoy reading her books. I just poured her a cup of tea and we are sitting on the couch. There is plenty of seating here so pull up a chair and we’ll get started. Today we’re going to focus on her thriller Deceitful Truths.

Okay Maggie, first of all, can you please tell us a little about yourself and your writing background?

I have three published suspense/thrillers – Captured Lies, Tainted Waters, Deceitful Truths – and two more – Deadly Ties and Split Seconds – on the way. In total I have written over twelve novels, some may see the light of day and some I think were just part of my learning curve. 🙂

Not only do I love to write but I love to read and read almost anything that has a good story and good characters. My preferences though are – suspense/thrillers, fantasy, mystery, or some subgenre of those. I am an avid outdoors person, I love hiking, kayaking, just being out in nature. I also love to be active, spend time with my family, play games…

That sounds wonderful! Now I’m wondering… How did you come to start writing? Was your intention to become an author?

Writing is something I’ve always loved to do but to be an author… I’m not sure I ever thought I was good enough. At least not for a long time.

Writing was one of those things I did as a child because words just fascinated me. I used to cut them out of books, much to my mother’s dismay, especially when it was a book she was reading. Oops. I grew up on farm so I think it was also a way to pass some cold, wintery days when I didn’t want to be outside with my siblings. During those quiet moments (which I’m sure my parents enjoyed but also worried as to what I was up to) I was either reading, cutting out words or writing my own.

I don’t know that I ever truly gave it a whole lot of thought to be an author. It seemed something so far removed from me… for a long time. But then I realized maybe it wasn’t and I became determined enough that I wrote like crazy and took several courses to learn the craft well.

I love that determination in you! Tell me, what authors do you like to read?

I used to read mostly traditionally published authors (they are all that you used to see in paperbacks right?). Now that I have entered the ebook reader era, I read mainly Indie or small published authors. There are so many incredible writers out there that are virtually unknown.

My current favorite authors are Donna Cook, P. M. Terrell, Phil Lecomber, Belle Blackburn, Dianne Gallagher, Christy Birmingham… just to name a few.

Ohhh thank you for mentioning me, wow. I am honored! Maggie, how would you describe your main character in Deceitful Truths?

Tarin is a woman who was raised by a domineering, emotionally stale, single father. Her life has been filled with men who have manipulated and/or controlled her life in one way or another. She, however, has always believed she was strong and independent. It’s not until a series of events occur that rob her of her independence, she realizes for the first time, she really needs to take charge of her life and do whatever it takes to protect her young son. She is really a dynamic character who is Continue reading