Einstein's Beach House by Jacob M. Appel

Book Review: Einstein’s Beach House by Jacob M. Appel

My latest read is Einstein’s Beach House by Jacob M. Appel. It is the first book I read by Appel, who has published several literary works. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review of the short story collection.

I looked forward to the read weeks before I even opened the eBook because short story collections are not something I am often asked to review. I loved the title of the collection too. Then, when I started to read it, I found the characters in each story were well penned and rich in detail. I could imagine them in my mind. There were unique characteristics and situations within each story, including a woman who seeks a therapist to help her depressed hedgehog.

Here is what troubled me. After I had read the first few stories, I felt sad. Let me try to explain. The characters were so well explained that I took them into my heart as a reader. Then I felt so sad when many of them were put into debilitating situations without story endings that satisfied the frayed ends Continue reading

Calm Sea within a poem

Poem: How it would feel

How it would feel

I look across the calm sea and wonder where you are,
Hopeful that your face’s reflection will show up soon to
Validate the thoughts I have of you.
Do you really exist?

The splash of an oar on the shimmering liquid brings
Me back to the shoreline, where I run my fingers across
Ribs on shells, while wondering how it would feel to
Touch your thin cheek again.
Did I really see you that day?

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Guest Post: Two Years, Seven (Plus) Blogs, and Voice

Guest Post by Felicia of TMU

Blogger Felicia of Thoughtful Minds United. Photo via Felicia.

It is nice to have Felicia of Thoughts Mind United over for a guest post today. She is a talented blogger and has crafted a wonderful post here about her blogging journey. I hope you enjoy the read!

Take it away, Felicia (curtain goes up on Parfait stage):

Two Years, Seven (Plus) Blogs, and A Voice

Blogging can be hard. You know that by now.

It can be a confusing, isolating, and embarrassing activity seeing as some people are quick to write you off when you tell them exactly what you do.

Two Years

I have had the opportunity to meet many different bloggers in over two years, and this place has taught me a lot about people. Likewise, I have been given the opportunity to explore someone else’s head and feelings and what I find amazes me.

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My Latest Read: Nine Black Lives by Resa McConaghy

Nine Black Lives by Resa McConaghy

I have the book Nine Black Lives on my tablet! Photo by Christy Birmingham.

There is murder. There is a mystery.

Okay, let me explain. The book is Nine Black Lives by Resa McConaghy. Many of you know Resa for her  blog that features beautiful graffiti and murals, as well as for her costume design work. YES, she’s also a writer. SURPRISED much? I know I was. And then, once I read her debut novel, I was impressed by her writing quality too. She’s got so many talents I’m in awe xo

In Nine Black Lives, the main character is Nicky, a famous actor who is tired of the usual Hollywood fluff scripts. He is searching for something deeper that stretches his talent more. He lives in New York and has a beautiful girlfriend, as well as a chef and a personal assistant. He has played many detectives in movies; in fact, that’s become what he is typecast into being.

When he is offered the script for a movie called Nine Black Lives, he takes it (you will have to read the book to learn why he took that role). When costume designer Lucille is found dead in her “Shrine,” there are a slew of suspects, including her cheating husband.

As Nicky vaguely recalls working with Lucille on the very first movie where he had a lead role, he takes a personal interest in her death and trying to find her killer. Yes, it is clever that author Resa McConaghy has the two roles for Nicky of actor-detective and wanna-be detective in real life.

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