Poetry Analysis: ‘Out, Out-‘ by Robert Frost

Analysis of Robert Frost's "Out, Out-"

Poetry Analysis: “Out, Out-” by Robert Frost. Photo via Poetic Parfait

Hello and welcome to poetry analysis with Robert Frost’s poem “Out, Out-” and I. Pull up a chair and I will pour the tea shortly. Let’s let it brew a few minutes, shall we?

Out, Out-” was published by poet Robert Frost in 1916. Many of you are likely most familiar with his poems “The Road Not Taken” and “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.” Today I hope to share a bit about what I think is fascinating about this third poem of the many works by the legendary American writer.

Summary of “Out, Out-“

So, what is the poem “Out, Out-” about? (Try saying that three times fast). It features the story of a boy who accidentally cuts off his own hand with a buzz saw while doing yard work. While a doctor comes to help it is too late to save the hand, and the boy bleeds to death. The ending of the poem pragmatically explains that life continues on, and the others who are not dead must return to work (more on the harshness of that part in the interpretation section below).


This poem by Robert Frost has an overarching theme of how short and fragile life is in composition. The tragedy of the boy in “Out, Out-” reveals how life can change instantly; it quickly can alter and, yes, even can end without warning.

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Talk Time: Interview with Author Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Raymond Alexander Kukkee is Ready to Write

Photo Snapshot: Author Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Hello hello! Here is a new author interview with Raymond Alexander Kukkee. Having him over for a chat was fun as we had lots to catch up on. It helps that I heard he likes sweet treats and so I put out some ice cream sandwiches for him at the kitchen table. We ate, we talked, we smiled. I hope you like the interview!


Welcome, Raymond. How about you start by telling us a little about yourself and your writing background?

First of all, thank you, Christyb, for inviting me to “Poetic Parfait!”

In real life I am married, have adult children, and am retired.  I enjoy building stuff, writing, reading, the visual arts including oil painting and ceramics, carpentry, inventing, the great outdoors, fishing, prospecting, geology, walking, quadding, canoeing, gardening, and grafting apple trees. Of necessity, in living the rural life, I have become a Jack of all trades.

I have a fairly diverse technical background, having graduated with honours (Industrial Chemistry Tech.) from Sault college (then Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology)   The occupational career has included  everything from paints research to purchasing, house-building, business, equipment sales, construction, industrial sales, and  management for public  sector  environmental  and water engineering/operations  projects.

Raymond Alexander Kukkee the writer, —is a freelancer who lives with the muse  in Northwestern Ontario, Canada, nose to the grindstone, scribbling away daily, attempting to write the next great novel, studying characters,  observing humanity, blogging on Incoming Bytes.com  and commenting endlessly upon  the foibles and great struggles of these difficult modern times.

My favourite genre is literary fiction in any form, whether it is short stories, flash fiction,  novellas or full-length  novels.  I tend to write thought-streaming fiction involving character studies but continually experiment with other forms, blends of writing styles, including poetry and knowledge-based articles of all types. I have a couple of screenplays collecting dust too.

I have had hundreds of niche articles published, and have two novels out in both print and eBook formats at this time:

Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol a Christmas classic for all ages, (Lit fiction, Rocking Horse Publishing)

The Fires of Waterland (2nd ed., Literary fiction, some adult content) is once again in print ( Equidae div. Rocking Horse Publishing) and eBook formats.

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Collaboration Time with Poetry and Art Gowns

Poetry and art gowns collaboration

Collaboration! Time to mix poetry and art gowns. Photo via Poetic Parfait.

OH yes! It has been quite the week, and one of the amazing projects I’ve been working on is… a collaboration with costume designer Resa McConaghy.

When she asked me to contribute poems to go with four of her art gowns, I was truly moved by the request. After all, Resa has so much to celebrate with the post as it is in celebration of her nomination for Best Costume Designer by the Canadian Screen Awards! For anyone not familiar with these awards, they are like the Oscars but for Canada! So, it’s a big deal! The nomination is for her costume design work in the TV mini series The Best Laid Plans.

Congratulations again, Resa!

For our collaborative post, I have created a poem for each of Resa’s art gowns. It was exciting for me to work from the photos Resa provided me for each of the gowns. Her fashions were my inspiration. I took my time to truly be able to pay Read the full post »

Children’s Book Alert! Yummy Stories by Lil L. Alexander

Yummy Stories Children's Book Cover

Yummy Stories Book Cover by Lil L Alexander

When I was a kid, I loved to read! I would have loved this book too, for many reasons. The book I am reviewing here is Yummy Stories: six stories to stimulate your mind and appetite by Lil L. Alexander. This is an honest review I am doing in exchange for receiving a copy of the book from the author, who found me through The Indie View. I do not make money in any way from this review; I support Indie writers!

The book is such fun. It is intended for kids ages 4-8. It has six stories within the illustrated book. The illustrations, by the way, are brightly colored, high-quality and fun; they enhance the story and would keep children interested in the read. The illustrator is Anda Cofaru.

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