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Poem: Seconds within Moments

Life moves fast, doesn’t it? It is a selection of seconds, moments, hours, days, and… You get the point. It is a blur some days and then suddenly a moment comes that makes you go, “Aha, I realize how short life is.” And then you breathe deeply and plant a foot in a world that brings you comfort. For me, today, it is the blogging world.

Thank you to everyone who has emailed me, left a comment on my blog (here or on When Women Inspire), sent me a note on a social media network or contacted me another way. I appreciate you all. I am grateful for you all.

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The True Version of Herself. Christy Birmingham, poet.

When Shehanne Moore invited me to her blog today for an author interview, I was delighted to join her (and the hamstahs!). If you don’t follow Shehanne’s blog, I recommend you do. This is the most adorable, fun, and unique interview I have done to date. Thank you, Shehanne. And thank you to you all for your support this week of my new book – I am energized and happy! Happy weekend ahead, as well!
~Love Christy

shehanne moore

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Okay…dudes… dudes… I must offer my apologies for being so remiss this week, but family, house, editing, writing, writing blog posts for my blog tour and Glencoe have kind of made things extra busy.

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Yes. Glencoe was looking very nice, as you can see from this pic here….



Remind me to blog the story of James of the Glen who inspired the book Kidnapped and also my two blog awards as well as show off my shabby chic dining room…


AFTER we welcome our latest guest,


the lovely, the adorable, the fabulously talented….


CHRISTY BIRMINGHAM. Poet extraordinaire. A huge talent and a very nice lady, who I’m thrilled has agreed to come along and be interviewed.







Okay dudes, can we stop this please and if we do and if we interview Christy nicely, about the important things in her life and her writing, then you can all get out of the…

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Poetry Book Cover Versions of the Self

Versions of the Self is Now Available! #Kindle and Hard Copy

Wow! My second book Versions of the Self is now live! Yes, it’s officially published!

(Jumping up and down here) –>> Working off calories + celebrating the launch = win win!

Thank you all for your patience while I fell off the side of the Earth discreetly exited the blogging world to finish working on the book. The time away was spent proofreading, formatting, and overall nitpicking, combined with a touch of anxiety, as I prepped the new poetry book for your eyes.

I do hope you enjoy the book! It is available both in Kindle and hard copy formats. I know for poetry books many readers prefer the paper version that they can open at their leisure to any page. Whichever version you decide on, please know I appreciate your support so much!

Pick up your copy of Versions of the Self now at:

Kindle US

Kindle CA

Kindle UK

Kindle AU


Hard copy book is available at CreateSpace

About Versions of the Self

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Poetry Book Cover Versions of the Self

Cover Reveal for My Upcoming Book Versions of the Self

OH yes! It’s nearly time for the launch of Versions of the Self.

I can hardly contain myself in sharing with you the book cover for the first time publicly! I will be offering the book in BOTH Kindle and hardcover versions.

Here it is, the front cover for my next poetry book:

Poetry Book Cover Versions of the Self

Book Cover of Versions of the Self. My next poetry book! Photo: ©2015 Christy Birmingham

I am so pleased with the way it turned out. Thank you to the designers who have helped me. I began by selecting a premade cover by designer Betibup33 of The Book Cover Designer. The paintbrush caught my eye as it relates to the creations (painting) of the self within the book. Such a unique Continue reading