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The Trail: A Poem

English: By Appointment. Broomieside Farm.

English: By Appointment. Broomieside Farm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wrote this poem recently when I was thinking about an upcoming appointment. While I can’t share details I will say that I made it through the appointment and felt stronger afterward. Cheers to healing, whether it is physical, mental or emotional. Often there is a combination of the three.

Christyb is wishing you a healthy day.

The Trail

Tomorrow I meet her for an appointment,

You don’t know her, but

She is in my life because of you.


She is one of my supports, part of the trail you left

Along with long roots and snarly branches.

You don’t know her, but

She knows enough about you

To know she will help me when I have a concern

Or feel sick after hearing an update.


She will put her arms around me tomorrow

For a hug (maybe even two)

And we will talk about me now,

Someone you also do not know

And will never get to meet.


©2012 Christy Birmingham

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  1. Happy trails indeed lead us each to the other, often segued by those unaware of our journey!

  2. Cynthia

     /  September 12, 2012

    A very powerful poem. You are a courageous person and quite inspiring for me. ;)

  3. absolutely beautiful …………… health in all aspects lead to that one trail
    blessings my sweet
    this is your best poem yet :)
    all courage and all love – that’s what i read
    your friend always xo

  4. So many things come to mind as I read this…
    Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt and inspirational piece.

  5. Beautifully visceral. Nice!

  6. John Evans

     /  September 12, 2012

    You did very well Christy!! Healing is always good. Bless you!!!

  7. Wow…a lot of emotion…I’ll give you a hug or two myself! Glad you are healing and moving forward! (((HUGS)))

  8. Hi Christy… your words are always powerful and speak of a journey many of us have been on. Take the time to look deep within and love yourself as we all love you…. The road you have travelled has led you to where you are today…

    Hugs and much love

    • You are quite right Rolly that our pasts help create who we are today. There are both happy and sad moments. I am glad you say that readers can identify as I do ultimately want to help other people by sharing my words.

  9. Very mysterious allusion. Who is she? Where does the thread knit? Awesome brevity and word choice, & I really like the repeated thought of who he doesn’t know…

  10. Your words are always powerful and sweet thank you forshare this word with us

  11. Healing sometimes is extremely painful when we are on the path, or the trail. Then we get to the end and are whole. Hugs.

    • I am pleased that now I can finally see an end in sight Valentine. That is a great sign of progress. Thanks for the comment and hugs, sending them back xx

  12. It’s wonderful to have such an excellent support system in place.

  13. What a powerful strong poem you have written. So glad you are evolving to a better time in your life. That popular Kelly Clarkson song is coming to mind after reading your poem. Continue on your road with all the support of people who love you close at hand.

  14. Your poem is an example of the strength that lies within each of us and the ability to let others help pick us up when we fall and help heal us when we’re ill. Healthy trails to you. :)

  15. Love this. Especially poignant is the catalyst who is oblivious to both. Great capture of the healing and angst without overshadowing the healing. Fabbo poem, Christy.
    {HUGZ} Red. xxx

  16. The power to move emotions. Your poem: well done accent on focus. That’s a superb thing:)

  17. Your words “Cheers to healing, whether it is physical, mental or emotional” can ignite inner strengths in a person.

    Thanks for this lovely post Christy.

  18. Nicely done, Christy. Wishing you “healing, whether it is physical, mental or emotional,” finished off with a cupcake!

  19. Beautiful poem full of raw emotion and I’m sending hugs for healing! xo

  20. Beautiful poem, Christy. I think it is one of my favourites.


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