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As I sit at my desk with laptop open and coffee cup at the side, my mind is turning already to the new month ahead. October brings Thanksgiving Day here in Canada, as well as Halloween for anyone who likes to dress up (and get some extra candy!). Today is also a day to take stock of the last month and being more than halfway through 2016. My, where has the time gone?!

September has been great, with sunny skies most days this week here in Victoria, British Columbia. I can feel that fall has arrived, though, as the air is crisper than in August and I’ve had to wear heavier coats when heading out for my walks. Well, as Robert Frost said, “nothing gold can stay,” which means the seasons keep coming and we enjoy the golden moments while they last.

For golden moments in September, I count among them my time in Vancouver, BC, where I was fortunate enough to meet with Rebecca of the Clanmother blog. After being blogging friends online for five years, we finally met in person, and it was wonderful!

Friends are Golden

Blogging Buddies Finally Meet. Rebecca and I Were All Smiles!

Regarding writing progress, it is slow going on the third book but it is coming along. The fantasy book is about halfway done, and I will start sharing more about it soon. Of course, the characters might have more in store for me than I realize so the book may become longer than I envision!

It is my first dive into full-length adult fiction, so I admit to being nervous to share anything about it, even with my family. But I will start to reveal more, closer to the final Continue reading

An Interview with Poet Christy Birmingham

When I was asked by writer Bill Holland to stop by his blog “Artistry with Words” for an interview, I accepted the invite with a smile. After all, it’s not every day that I get asked to be on such a quality blog. Here is the interview on writing techniques, poetry, and balancing work with personal life. Thanks for taking time to read it! ~Christy

Artistry With Words


I told you I was going to try and post one blog per week and by golly, so far I’m doing it.  Coincidentally, I’m busier than I’ve ever been, but I’m determined to get this blog out once a week and, well, here I am again, invading your privacy and demanding attention, like that obnoxious little kid at school who wouldn’t leave you alone, him in 2nd grade, you in 5th, and all you want to do is play soccer with your friends, but the little kid keeps tugging on your pants, demanding you play with him….sheez…leave me alone, kid, you scream, but it does no good and here he is again….

I think we better move on to a quote so I can catch my breath….and after the quote, we have a new interview with one of my favorite…

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Book Cover of Noah Padgett and the Dog-People

Sarah Potter Chats about Book Publishing & Writing Inspiration

I am pleased to give the blogging stage to author Sarah Potter today! I first connected with Sarah a few years ago, through her blog Sarah Potter Writes. Since then, I have enjoyed following her publishing career as well as reading the poetry and short stories she has shared on her blog.

When she released a new book of juvenile fiction titled Noah Padgett and the Dog-People, I wanted to have her over here to talk about the writing process and learn more about the book. So, without further ado, here is Sarah.

►►► ►►► ►►►

Thank you, Christy, for inviting me to guest post at your wonderful blog, to talk about publishing and my latest novel, plus offer some tips on finding writing inspiration.

Welcome to the world of multi-genre mash-up

By nature, I’m an eccentric person with a quirky, exceedingly British sense of humour who doesn’t find it easy to conform; thus it’s hardly surprising that my novels buck against the trend and don’t fit neatly into a single category, which, in turn, makes them a huge challenge to market. I have a pile of rejection letters from publishers and agents to prove that this is the case; they say things such as, “beautiful writing, but too hard to market” or “we applaud your imagination, but can’t see this fitting neatly on any shelf in a bookshop.”

Chatting with Sarah Potter about books and more

Author Sarah Potter, taking a break from writing.

Last year, encouraged by my family, I decided to indie publish one of my five novels, Desiccation, rather than leave it filed away gathering dust. It is a young adult crossover novel (for readers aged 15+).

Years ago, my teenage son read it in a night and spent the following day dozing off at school. He didn’t care that my novel was a multi-genre mash-up of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, humour, with a few erotic undertones and plenty of teenagerisms. He just loved the story and characters.

My latest novel, Noah Padgett and the Dog-People, aimed at readers aged 10-18+, is an adventure and survival story with smidgeons of science fiction and fantasy.
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Book Review: Sweet Sorrow by Tricia Drammeh

Young Adult Fiction Book Cover

Sweet Sorrow by Tricia Drammeh

Sometimes a book comes across your path that challenges you in a way you never saw coming. Such was the case with the young adult novel Sweet Sorrow by Tricia Drammeh. Let me explain what I mean in my latest book review.

The main character is a teenage girl named Rowan who loves to act and gets the role as Juliet in her high school’s production of Romeo and Juliet. When Eddie, the ex-football player she is crushing on, gets the part of Romeo, she tries to keep her cool, only it’s not so easy to do, especially with the dark secret she has in her past. She also has many Continue reading