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Author Deepak Singh on the Inspiration Behind His Book

Today I am giving the virtual floor to Deepak Singh, the author of Rise Today, Lead Tomorrow. I first learned about the book when I stopped by Deepak’s blog deepakdheer. The book’s title caught my eye, as did its summary about overcoming setbacks in business, sports, and life in general. What follows below is Deepak’s explanation of what inspired him to write this book on personal development.

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My idea for the book were born from hard-won experiences that declare: ‘Anyone can fall, but then anyone can rise again.’

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Deepak Sing Talks about How He Got the Idea to Write His Book.

I suppose that’s what motivated me to write the book Rise Today, Lead Tomorrow. Forty-five stories in my book show how ordinary people faced immense personal misfortune, yet they refused to give up and pushed themselves to the top.

Bouncing back from defeats and shining is at the heart of what I want to bring to young working professionals, and business people. The book will inspire individuals trying to recover from setbacks and achieve success in business, sports, and life!
It’s encouragement for everyone who is facing diversity, such as lost job, or bankruptcy, or perhaps feeling emotionally drained.

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Poetry about the Home

Writing a Poem about the Home

It’s been a while since I published a poem here. I figured, well, it’s about time I get down to it. This one seems appropriate to publish on a cold fall day when I am grateful for my warm home. I had the gas fireplace going earlier today and cuddled under a blanket on the couch with a cup of tea. Here is another concept of home, in poetic form.


A Long Sigh and a Smile

She walks through the room, past the couch, to the corduroy chair, and

Lowers her thin body onto his. Her head navigates his torso and

Stops when it finds comfort, two inches below his left shoulder.

A layer of black cotton separates her right cheek from his skin.

It is only the fabric that has faded with time.


“I want more of this,” she whispers and feels his body shake as

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Reviews of 3 Books I Recently Read

Book Reviews: Poetry, Mythology & Short Stories

So then I started to read.. and read some more… and some more. As a lover of the written word, I read pretty much anything and everything that peaks my interest. Letizia of Reading Interrupted is nodding right now along with me, I’m sure. The past few months have been no exception as I delved into poetry, short stories, and even a read on mythology. Here are reviews of some of the book I read lately.

Heartspeak: God and Love 

A Great Book of Poetry

Poet Sylvester L. Anderson’s Heartspeak: God and Love

This book is written by one of my favorite poets, Sylvester L. Anderson. He is an Indie writer who I connected with at Syl65’s Blog.

His collection of poems is so beautiful that I have now read it twice. As I wrote in my review, “the gentle words wash across the page like a satisfying ocean.”

I breathed such a sigh of contentment upon finishing the read the first time that I couldn’t resist picking up the book for a second read months later.

Even if you do not normally read poetry, this book is one that is worth settling into a comfy chair to take in. For words of love and faith, I recommend reading Heartspeak: God and Love.

Myths of Babylonia and Assyria

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A Sci-Fi Character

Science Fiction 101: What is Leviathan, Cyborg, and Humanoid?

Every genre of books has its share of literary terms. This point was reinforced in my head as I read the essay Talyn’s Heroic Journey in Farscape by Natacha Guyot, which discussed the role of the gunship Talyn in the sci-fi TV series Farscape.

In the read, which I reviewed at Goodreads, I noted many terms that would be familiar to science fiction enthusiasts but might not be clear to someone new to the genre. I realized there are a lot of intriguing characters in the sci-fi world that are anything but human (at least not in their entirety) and are worth defining here.

Here are some of the science fiction terms I came across in Guyet’s essay:

Leviathan: What Does it Mean in the Sci-Fi Context?

If this term were not used in reference to Farscape, you would be correct in saying that leviathan is a large mythical sea creature. But, in Farscape, Leviathan has a different meaning, which is a sentient spaceship. Leviathans have feelings and communicate mainly through non-verbal methods, which can include conveying messages through the pilot.

Moya was an example of a leviathan ship in the Farscape universe and had a close relationship with the alien blue-skinned pilot. Interestingly, Talyn, which is Moya’s offspring, is a combination of Leviathan and Peacekeeper technology.

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