Why Thank-You

Can I get a Woot Woot?

Woot Woot is one of my favourite expressions right now. Its origins lay in the owl from… Really? You thought that I would include a history lesson here?

Nope. Just including a tangent or two that I decided to go off on.

Now where was I?

Awards. No christyb you weren’t talking awards. Well I should have been!

Thank-you Eric Alagan of Written Words Never Die for nominating Poetic Parfait for the Liebster Blog Award! (Can I talk more about Woot Woot now?)

Oh them rules! Along with accepting the award I must:

Liebster Blog Award

The Leibster.

1. Show my thanks to the blogger who gave me the award by linking back to them.

Please see above. ‘E’ is for Eric, ‘E’ is for excellent.

‘C’ is for Corny, ‘C’ is for christyb

2. Post the award.

3. Pass on the award to five other bloggers and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

After careful thought and a few peanut M&Ms consumed to help the thought process, here are my nominees:

Congratulations to you all!

Ahem, um Christy there is another award. Yup. Bear with me please.

The Versatile Blogger Award

My thanks to Nigel Lewis-Davidson of the blog Wrapcloth Writings for the award!

I know, I know, follow the rules.

1. Add the Award pic to my blog post.

Versatile Blogger Award

Hey I'm Versatile. See?

2. Thank the blogger who nominated me.

Once again, thanks Nigel!

3. Share seven random things about myself.

4. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers.

5. Inform the bloggers of their nomination.

This is christyb and that is a lot of info.

I believe the blogs I nominated in the list above are well worth checking out. I don’t want to bombard you with more lists.

Wanting to know more about me as per #3? Feel free to revisit my post Winner Winner Chicken (Blog) Dinner.

I wonder where I should store my awards? My mantle is free at the moment. Until next time my Parfait-licious friends. Ok, the new phrase still needs work…


32 thoughts on “Why Thank-You

  1. Julie Catherine

    Woot, woot, Christy, you are such a hoot! LOL, just love your wacky sense of humour! Congrats, and congrats again on two more well-deserved awards! Enjoy! ~ Julie 🙂


    1. christyb Post author

      Hehe yes a speech writer would certainly save me time. However I require you complete 100 speeches before I will pay you $5. I hope the pay is comparable to the on-line sites you regularly review on Wrapcloth. Just kidding, thanks Nigel for stopping by and for the nomination!


  2. doveydragon

    Here we use “Aweh” which has a couple of different means but basically means yes !! or what’s up …. depends in what connotation you use it !! So Aweh !! Christyb !! Like your stuff !!! And your writings not bad too !!! Your crazy SA friend !!


    1. christyb Post author

      *blush* *smile* Brett, it’s great to see you over here on my page. We are travelling many of the same circles lately and I like it! Thanks for the ‘Aweh’ and right back at ya!


  3. Raymond alexander kukkee

    Christyb, you deserve another WOOT WOOT !
    I can see you are collecting awards, and have so many on your trophy shelf you want to share them. Thank you for nominating IncomingBytes for the Liebster Blog award, –much appreciated! Out in banana-land, we are listening to Christyb –and eating cookies. “:)


    1. christyb Post author

      Raymond, IncomingBytes is educational, funny, and inventive all wrapped into its regular posts. Enjoy the award, and we will share them together (I get it one week, you get it the next). Cheers to banana-land and more importantly to YOU 🙂


    1. christyb Post author

      Thanks Dana! Hehe I see you like the phrase too. It sounds so silly that it becomes catchy. Woot woot! Uh oh now I can’t stop saying it.. uh oh.. 🙂


  4. lorrelee1970

    You rock. Congrats to you and I promise I’m getting to my award posting soon. I have some ideas in the works. Those sick kids of mine keep getting in the way. Why can’t they be sick on my schedule?


    1. christyb Post author

      No worries Lorrelee, family of course comes first. We loyal readers will be following you when you have more time to post. You always make me giggle, and that’s a good thing!



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