Her mind is crisp as


This is what lettuce looks like.

freshly stocked lettuce.

Her lips are vibrant as

strawberries two days before expiry.

Her eyes are green as

I look into them and hear her words,

“I think you are beautiful as well.”


© 2012 Christy Birmingham

This is christyb, reminding you to believe in yourself.

You possess more beauty, both inside and out, than you may even realize.


17 thoughts on “Lettuce

    1. christyb Post author

      Hi Raymond, Yes “beauty” is a subjective term isn’t it? As well internal beauty can really add light and confidence to a person’s appearance, making physical attributes even more beautiful. Glad to see you here!


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  2. Julie Catherine

    Christy, what a unique way to express this message – I think the thing I like best about you is your quirky sense of humor; it appeals to me and keeps me giggling every time I visit you. Delightful! ~ Julie 🙂


    1. christyb Post author

      I’m glad you are enjoying the posts Julie. I always like reading your comments and want to ensure I listen to my readers. Hope you had a great weekend!



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