Lettuce Part 2

My inspiration for this poem comes from Simon Banks of simonsworlds13.

Er, wait. I am not saying Simon is a slug. In his comment on yesterday’s Lettuce poem, Simon brought in the voice of a slug hovering around the lettuce.

I now rewrite the poem from the voice of the slug.

Clear my throat and begin:

Lettuce Part 2

You slimy slug,


Let Me Introduce Myself. The Slug.

eating her lettuce like brains,

you feel full yet continue to devour

the leaves like they will soon expire.

Do not be greedy, eat only your plate,

there will be more tomorrow

if you just learn to wait.

© 2012 Christy Birmingham

This is christyb, I am debating changing my middle name to Silly.


24 thoughts on “Lettuce Part 2

  1. raymond alexander kukkee

    This is cool, and fascinating, Christyb, have you been talking to Alistair,, by any chance? Weird stuff ! “:) Out of your comfort zone yet? “:))

    In other matters, by the way…as a suggestion only, when you place a poem written by you or anyone else on your blog, consider placing a (c)2012 with the name of the poet on it (always use whatever year it was written).
    ie. (c)2012 Christy D Birmingham

    The reason I suggest that is that I don’t see a copyright notice on the bottom of your blog.
    “We are listening to Christyb and her garden pets”…… “just sayin’ ” .. “:))


    1. christyb Post author

      Hi Raymond, Thanks for the suggestion. Yes I have been seeing the copyright symbol on other poetry blogs and was wondering about how to stamp ownership on my work. I am assuming that by placing that (c) with my work, it stops anyone from stealing it on-line? Now as for the poem, hehe I don’t think Alistair has read this but you are quite right it is out of my norm. You are influencing me to be silly, in a good way 🙂


    1. christyb Post author

      Yes this is from one slug to another, in the world of every slug for himself/herself! (I have to be politically correct).
      Jim Morrison and Leonard Cohen are geniuses, they will never belong within brackets! I will teach you more about poetry my buddy MB…


  2. Julie Catherine

    LOL! I saw this one first and had to go back and read the first part – the waltz of the slug and lettuce! Again, love this, you made me laugh twice today 🙂

    (Regarding copyright symbol: you can also hold down the ‘alt’ key and type either 0169 or 169; whichever one works.)

    Marc, I love Leonard Cohen! 🙂 ~ Julie 🙂


    1. christyb Post author

      Julie, I wasn’t sure when I hit the ‘publish’ button if there would be any comments. But I like the slug and it made me laugh so I went for it! Glad you joined in on the fun! Thanks for the help on the copyright symbol, I am going to try to fix that. Please feel free to let me know if you see any other ‘oops’ moments as I go along. 🙂


    1. christyb Post author

      MB, I found that the Alt-169 worked when I used the number pad at the right-side of my keyboard. If that fails, try using using (c) , manually creating the symbol, as Raymond suggested above. Hope this helps.



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