My Legacy, Wilting: A Poem

No Trespassing Art Sign

No Trespassing Art Sign (Photo credit: juliejordanscott)

My Legacy, Wilting

My legacy is like lettuce

Wilting along its edges as I take another hour

In the bath and begin the stage of pruning,

Sweltering heat of the water

That I hope will melt away your memories.


My legacy is like masking tape

That I wish I could put over the holes in my

Bank account and my heart.


Your legacy is leaving me and

Of that path you cannot return – your

Footprints are everywhere but

So is the sign that reads ‘Trespassing’,

And so is myย heart closed like a steel gate to you now.


ยฉ 2012 Christy Birmingham


56 thoughts on “My Legacy, Wilting: A Poem

  1. raymond alexander kukkee

    Wonderful, Christyb!! I really like this. Your use of “masking tape” is revealing, but –can also indicate either hiding or .interesting! “wonderful word play” is actually a perfect comment. Your take is so unique! “Christyb smiles as she plays with words”… “:)


  2. Marc Phillippe Babineau

    Are you melting away memories of a bath? I know it gets chilly in the rain out there, but…?

    I love your poetry, but since i really don’t get poetry other than the “There once was a…..” type, i just look for things that i can relate to or that have great means of making me view it in my own little way,,, you do so well,,, great stuff!


  3. Julie Catherine

    Wow, Christy, this poem packs a wallop, my friend! Good for you, I love it! Really enjoy your strong imagery, and especially the last two lines … powerful! ~ Love and hugs from Julie ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxox


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  6. lscotthoughts

    Christy, I have to echo other comments by saying I love your wonderful and clever word play and imagery! that is the first thing I thought of while reading this poem…you have a true knack for cleverness! Hope all is well, my friend! xo


  7. doosterama

    “My legacy is like lettuce

    Wilting along its edges as I take another hour

    In the bath and begin the stage of pruning”

    I love this. I can see perfectly what you mean. It really is fantastic word play.


  8. Tessa

    So much emotion, hurt and also strength to overcome what was a difficult time in your life. Stay strong and hopefully in the future, your heart will open up again to new opportunity. You deserve so much. A beautiful poem from a beautiful person. Hugs.


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Tessa, I truly believe your support was instrumental in helping me get through that time. I do hope for more positive experiences in the future and by simply saying that I know I have come a long way. Hugs back and more in person soon.


  9. Aquileana

    >>> HELLO CHRISTY>>>

    I have seen you have posted this poem in Twitter today,

    I am glad you have picked it up because I had also choosen this one to include it in my review of your book.

    I believe it is a poem in which you make a very good use of the images, giving them polysemous senses, which go beyond the literal interpretation

    As I see it, poem is quite ambiguous…

    You are talking about a legacy that wilts, but a legacy is by definition what is perpetuated in the future, what lasts…

    A “Wilting legacy” represents here a new stage, a subsequent flowering…

    In fact you have placed this poem in the section of “Pathways to Illumination” called “Glimmers of Hope”.

    Returning to Campbell we are making reference to the stage of Heroineยดs Journey in which “she seizes the reward or treasure heโ€™s come seeking after, after having survived death”.

    But, which is the award here?…

    The reward is represented here in a figurative way, specifically and quoting you : “the sign that reads โ€˜Trespassingโ€™ ”

    I guess the prize has to do with the fact of being able to draw a boundary between what is allowed and what is not.

    Once you set these limits, then you are able to throw off the yoke of “a toxic relationship”.

    Paradoxically having closed your heart like a steel gate has led you to open new doors, setting you free towards the bright path of light

    (And so, we are then moving forward to the next phase: “New Growth”)…

    Sending you Hugs & love;

    Aquileana ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      You pick up on an important part of relationships here: Deciding what is acceptable and what is not. Once you define it, and clearly do so to your partner, there is an expectation to stay within the ‘zone.’ If the line is crossed then the relationship is in jeopardy.

      I have learned so much from my past and the poems in the book (including “My Legacy, Wilting”) are really a part of the healing journey I took.

      It means so much to have your support of my writing and I love reading the way you analyze the poems!

      Love to you too!



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