Words Of Fondue

Chocolate Fondue for Two

Chocolate Fondue.

A bit of a tasty poem today!

Apples With Fondue

You apple you.
I dip you into the chocolate sauce
With a long deliberate sweep
Before I tear through you with my teeth,
A chomp to follow with a crunch

You are a slice of Macintosh apple,
Sweetened with my dip of choice,
A bowl of goodness that leads to
Pleasure in my stomach.

I feel the juice slide down the back of my throat
And then reach for a slice of apple,
To devour its sweet taste next.

©2012 Christy Birmingham



34 thoughts on “Words Of Fondue

  1. remostrainbarn

    If they can not be lured with bacon or football, then, honey must be applied. Ohhh, the sweet tempt of M&M parfait. With all this worded sugar being thrown around, the lines are proposing sweet music. Heads are spinning the best possible feeling on your work.


  2. rollyachabot

    Having fun wit food and words… now I am hungry again… I recently bought a high tech smoker and tried some cheese, corn on the cob, coffee and the tradition beef, salmon and chicken… all great… Hmmm chocolate I wonder…

    Hugs from Alberta


      1. Cat Forsley

        IT would HUGELY FUN…..
        chocolate Fondue 🙂
        Cheese Fondue 🙂
        any kind …..
        I am so Uppppp for that 🙂
        One day 🙂 xox
        Happy Thanksgiving sweetheart xo
        Much Love To You and Yours xoxo


  3. Tessa

    I just finished a gift of chocolate (Kit Kat bar)…and after reading your poem…it’s a good thing I had already had my sweet fix, otherwise…who knows what might have happened. Great poem, sweet as ever!


  4. Aquileana

    You are incredibly sweet Christy!.
    I apple you… (Because) You are a slice of Macintosh apple…
    Thanks for sharing this one (with apples included).
    I wish you the very best, Aquileana 😛



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