Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving here in Canada! To all readers who celebrate today, I wish you a wonderful holiday.

I wrote this poem about the turkey meal I will have today.

This is christyb wishing you a good great day.


Thankful on Thanksgiving (Photo credit: extracelestial)  

The Thanksgiving Table

A gobble gobble here and then there

As we set the table for the upcoming meal,

Three plates and napkins too of course,

I am not the cook but I am pleased to be a guest at the table!


Let’s say a prayer at the table

For how thankful we are,

For the delicious food and also for loved ones,

Who give us a hand when we need to reach a higher step

And give us a smile when we succeed to the top.


I will enjoy the turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing

But most of all the love we pass with every dish

And the kindness we share at the table today.


©2012 Christy Birmingham


25 thoughts on “Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

  1. rollyachabot

    Happy Thanksgiving to you this day Christy and may that same thankfulness be carried on throughout all your family in the many days to come…

    Hugs from Alberta to all at the table.


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Yes Rolly, the thankfulness sentiment is one I try to show people I care about as often as I can. Life is too short and although many people say that and still do not act accordingly, I am not that type of person. Sending hugs back to you and hope your week is going great!


  2. Cat Forsley

    Super Sweet Poem xo
    We had our dinner yesterday …..
    Still FULL !!!!!! lol xo
    Much Gratitude to You C
    for being such a lovely soul in my life xoxoxo
    Enjoy your dinner xoxo


      1. Cat Forsley

        I had two plates ….lol ……….
        my sister made a turkey that was so amazing
        free range organic everything – amazing xxx
        🙂 xxx


  3. mywithershins

    I love your Thanksgiving poem, Christy! Although we celebrated our Turkey Day on Saturday, I am thankful for the holiday and time spent with family. Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving festivities, today. 🙂


  4. Jeff

    I like the poem. And Happy Thanksgiving to you, although I’m a day late. I’m upset that I forgot to mention this on my own blog yesterday. I’ve been looking at it on my work calendar for a week, and then completely forgot.



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