Poetry: “What If”

English: A peace tattoo and two peace signs, S...

English: A peace tattoo and two peace signs, San Diego County Fair, Del Mar, California, 2009. Photograph by Patty Mooney, Crystal Pyrmaid Productions, San Diego, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What If

What if we stood side-by-side around the world

Stretching our arms out at the sides and

Holding hands of every color

While our smiles stretch even wider?


What if we took down the fences built on hate

And disappointments

And replaced them with fields of corn and

Other crops to fill empty stomachs at night?


What if I didn’t need to ask the question “what if”

And this message was no longer needed?

Would you fill a blank page with positive words

Or just smile at all that we would have accomplished?

I’ll start with a smile and hold out my hand.


©2012 Christy Birmingham


60 thoughts on “Poetry: “What If”

  1. Cat Forsley

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Peace Peace Peace …….:) so very beautifullllllllllllllllll
    my goodness ………
    i just got good shivers up and down my spine reading this …….
    indeed “What If ” 🙂 xx i will always believe it’s possible …absolutely xoxoxoxoxoxo
    It starts with beautiful thoughts like YOURS and just grows and grows 🙂 xo
    love and what a poem xxx


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      I hope so Cat. I know the words in the poem are not a reality but I do hope we are taking steps toward a more peaceful time. Sending you smiles and hugs for a wonderful evening and weekend xx


  2. John Evans

    I really enjoyed the subtlety of this touching and meaningful poem, Christy!!! I have been incredibly busy with school but made time for your beautiful blog, tonight. I am glad that I was able. Have a truly blessed night.


  3. mywithershins

    What if… I love your message, Christy. Definitely on a par with the Beatles’ ‘Imagine’. Too bad we have to ask the question. Unfortunately, there are so many people who make it necessary to ask. I wonder what would happen if we took away their weapons and simply held their hand, as you suggest? 🙂


  4. sarahpotterwrites

    Where to start? Yesterday, they were talking on the radio about a speech given by someone at the Conservative Party Annual Conference (and no, I didn’t vote for this party in the last election). This person was talking about the right for people to defend their homes against burglars with whatever force they thought necessary, short of murder. I gave this some thought, and decided that this would make burglars more likely to harm their burglary victims first, to prevent damage to themselves.

    This morning, someone speaking on Thought for the Day, made exactly my point. Aggression feeds more aggression.

    Thank you for your poem 🙂


  5. Sue Dreamwalker

    Smiling is infectious let’s spread it around a little more. You already hold my hand Christy. A beautiful thought. And what if everyone did just that. What a difference that would make!!!
    Love and Blessings. Great words xx


  6. Tessa

    What a beautiful poem with a very positive feeling. Both my arms are stretched out feeling others joining…hoping the world will join together vs splitting apart. LOL.


  7. Julie Catherine

    Oh, I don’t know how I missed this one … beautifully penned, my friend, I love this! Stretching across cyberspace to grasp your hand and others in love, light and peace. A lovely write with a powerful message from a beautiful soul. ~ Love always, Julie xoxox


  8. CloudExplorer On Hubpages

    Beautiful message CB, I enjoyed this poem so very much and cannot wait as well for such a moment on earth to arrive. For I seek peace in all directions too as you very well know about me. May God bless us all to rid this world of hatred and the likes once and for all.

    Here’s a gift from me to all, which coincides with this very blog of yours CB.
    The spoken word poem in this video is called: Sharing & Caring


  9. PreciousRhymes

    Stretching mine out far enough to meet and hold yours Christy! I hope you can feel the clasp and sense the smile from afar.
    Read the book review you posted today. Many congratulations! Don’t know the book yet but I can understand the enthusiasm of the reviewer going by what I’ve read of your work so far 🙂 The review sent me searching for ‘What If?’ and so I’m here, sharing my heart. Also a believer that slowly as each of us awaken from our sleep, there will surely be a time when we won’t need to ask ‘What if’, for it would already ‘be’. Closing with a Hug!


  10. Christy Birmingham Post author

    Oh dear friend, how lovely to read your comment here. I thank you for the clasp of the hand and yes I feel your smile radiating and I echo it on my own face 🙂 That’s so nice you found this poem from aways back and stopped to ponder the ‘what if’ with me that life can bring… I am thankful for friends, writing and quality comments such as yours right here ♥



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