Moments: A Poem

Idle Moments

Idle Moments (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Days are full of moments – the good, the bad, and the ugly, as the saying goes.

My mind drifted to descriptions of some of those times and here is the product. A poem to share today.

This is a poem from christyb…


Some moments shatter like glass,

Jagged edges that slice through smiles,

Scarring my eyes

My hopes

My you.


Some moments crumble like newspaper,

A front page headline two days too late,

No longer relevant –

Except if you were there

At that time.


Other moments dance around me,

Telling me to chase the butterflies

For they are free (and so are we)

As we waltz with words

With wisdom

With you.


Moments on top of moments







And so we layer them like blankets

And huddle close for warmth and safety.


©2012 Christy Birmingham


17 thoughts on “Moments: A Poem

  1. marc babineau

    (It’s not a saying, it’s a Clint Eastwood movie darlin’)

    Great poem… you’ve pushed me beyond my “there once was a man in Nantucket…” levels of poetry, and thanks for that! Should i slap you on the back, or give you a pat? (See, i’m leaening!)


  2. Julie Catherine

    Christy, this poem brought tears to my eyes; so lovely and appropriate for this past few days … thank you, my friend, I’ve tweeted and shared on my J C Edwards facebook page. xoxox


  3. Rick Myers

    Christy, you are such a wonderfully gifted and talented individual. It is such a pleasure to read your well-crafted renderings, which never cease to amaze me. I am very fortunate to be able to interact with you via our Linkedin groups. You bring so very much to the proverbial table. You rock, girl!!


  4. Aquileana

    Beautiful poem; Christy…

    And here comes the speech> 🙂

    Life is made of moments as Life is a timing linear progression … Or I guess it is… At the end all what keep on track is that successive sequence.

    To be means to hold on in moments… To understand their infinitesimal value, so tiny and yet infinitely meaningful…

    Like raindrops which carry behind them the inexhaustible cycle of water passing through all the states, always turning into something new …

    When it comes to memories I do believe we choose to remember momentary events. Gestures, a flower, a scent, the breeze of a summer day, a place instantly crowded by overwhelming sudden feelings.

    Dazzling sparkling moments,they do link up to our past. Our factual history is not made of feats nor of defeats but of time, no more…

    (Re) paraphrasing Shakespeare: “We are such stuff as dreams and time are made of”. (because probably we are made just dreamers made of time)

    TY & Hugs , Aquileana 🙂


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      What beautiful insight you share here, AP. You are right that moments are what the lifespan is made of and that we associate memories with them. Whether the flower, the drop of rain or the smile on the face of our dear friend overseas (hint hint). I love the way you sum up the poem. It is always a treat to see you here! xx Hugs!


      1. Aquileana

        “the smile on the face of our dear friend overseas (hint hint)”… Cute & ….Right I also thougth about You by then xxoo.

        So glad that you enjoyed my little pretentious comment . Chin/Chin

        Aquileana 😉



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