Thoughts and You, In a Poem

marcia looking cute in the parachute

Parachute Poetry

Hello, my poetic peeps! I hope you are all doing well.

Here is a poem about happiness, a glass vase, and a parachute.

Thoughts and You

Thoughts line my mind like a parachute,

Visualizations of you, with me,

And the kindness behind your pool-like eyes

(I think I am on the diving board already).


My heart is a glass vase that has a chip at its base

From when the last caretaker dropped it

Onto the concrete floor.


You fill the edges of my smiles with the lightness

Of cream cheese,

Even though I do not care about calories when you are around



You are the wisdom, the sun, and the sand

That falls through my toes one grain at a time

Onto a surface soft as a pillow

As I lay my head on your shoulder and trust in your soul.


©2013 Christy Birmingham


YouTube video >> Beautiful Soul – Jesse McCartney


This is christyb, wondering: Do you ever think about someone and smile?


45 thoughts on “Thoughts and You, In a Poem

  1. CloudExplorer On Hubpages

    Wow such a playful delight of a poem here by you Christy, this one shows your love for life as well as that of your dearest friends, lover and for that of family members as well, and maybe even for strangers. It surely does pack a cool word play technque and digital punch indeed. I loved the play on the Creame Cheese part the most as well as the first two lines.

    I’ll be sharing this one for you on our Poetry community networks for sure, awesome job!


  2. Cynthia

    A glass vase chipped by its last caretaker … that is one powerful image. And cream cheese calories made me laugh. Very nice. 😉


  3. Julie Catherine

    Indeed, a poem of happiness – and love and hope and smiles that may lead to … who knows where … love the visualizations in this, dear Christy! Another awesome poem that made me smile today! Much love and hugs, and wishes for a beautiful day! Julie xoxox


  4. rollyachabot

    Hi Christy… Beautiful, poetic and yet filled with live and compassion… you are so gifted my friend… well done.

    Look west and what you see is me waving from over the great rocks…

    Hugs from Alberta


  5. Charron's Chatter

    the chipped vase is such a great image. I love how you went metaphorical instead of a simile with it. Unique play on utter faith in another: “trust in your soul” I never thought of it like that, and that’s what rocks about poetry. Wistful and content all at once.


  6. Red

    Many people. I enjoy the thought of so many.The crinkles by my eyes are proud badges I have from the people who make me smile…even just the thought of them. Terrific poem, Christy. Didn’t you know? Cream cheese has no calories when presented in love ❤


  7. Aquileana

    This is such a beautiful poem, dear Christy.
    I love the last stanza.
    Thanks for sharing and happy weekend to you
    Aquileana 😀
    PD Get your Giner Ale, will you, please ? 🙂


      1. Aquileana

        What a nice surprise…. 😀
        I am trying to catch up with my blog too (it is a long task, indeed)… BTW take a peek on my twitter feed as I posted pics of my neighborhood and a cat on a frame!.
        Sending hugs, talk soon with you, CB, Aquileana 😀



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