Guest Post: The World of Imagination

Hello, my poetic friends! I hope you are all keeping well and not just keeping!

Today we need to pull an extra chair up to the table. We have a guest writer in the house. Put on your dancing shoes and join me in the happy dance!

Welcome,Β Suki Eleuterio.

Suki is the intelligent, creative voice behind the blog Sookton’s Space. Have you seen space – well you can now. The site is full of her reflections on trends and a variety of topics, as well as wonderful photography. Her site is ‘a must’ for words capable of reaching your heart.

Thank-you Suki for sharing the poem When You Were Two. As Suki tells me, here is her inspiration for the poem:

I was thinking about how when you are little you live in the world of imagination and how we lose that sometimes when we become adults. But we should never lose it forever.

Sookton's Space

Suki as a child.

When You Were Two

By Suki Eleuterio


Remember yourself

Back when you were two?

If you think really hard,

I bet that you do.


With sparkly eyes

And a pink little nose,

And goofy big smiles

And tiny tot toes.


You played in the rain,

And danced all the day,

And said all the things

That you wanted to say.


And never once listened

When the grown ups would say,

“Well that little girl,

She just loves to play.”


You would imagine a field,

Of flowers and trees,

And butterflies flying,

And big bumble bees.


And you painted with fingers,

And laughed at the sky,

And no one would stop you,

Or think to ask why.


Because when you

Were two,

You were truly



With the big world ahead,

And your shiny red shoes.

So whenever you’re

Feeling a bit blue

Just think of that you

From when you were two.


Because that’s the real you.

When you think it all through.

This is christyb, wishing you moments that surpass ones you imagine in the joys that they bring you.

37 thoughts on “Guest Post: The World of Imagination

  1. Julie Catherine

    Oh wow, Christy, love your post, and this is an awesome poem, Suki! Such a sense of innocence and wonder that we unfortunately tend to lose through the years of dealing with life. It was lovely to read this and get some of that back today, thank you! Wishing you both a wonderful, wonder-filled weekend! ~ Julie xoxox


  2. sookton

    Christy, thanks so much for giving me the chance to share my poem on your blog. It was a wonderful experience. Can’t wait to read more of your poetic verse too. Namaste.


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      So pleased by your comment and your remarks to the readers here, Suki! Your words of innocence have touched the hearts of many. Wonderful to feature your talents here at Poetic Parfait xx. Take care!


  3. pictimilitude

    I am loving this poem! It reminds me of the author of the “Four Agreements” by Miguel Ruiz who talks about children who are the truest versions of themselves. Lovely read and wonderful guest post!


  4. Shakti Ghosal

    Hi Christy,

    What jumped out at me were the lines,

    “Because that’s the real you.

    When you think it all through.”

    There is great wisdom here. What is it that stops us from think through about who we really are?




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