Reviews for Pathways to Illumination

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Be Healthy

Be Healthy.

I am happy with the feedback for Pathways to Illumination, my first poetry book that launched last week. I like to keep you all up to date on my journey and so I share the happy news here.

I send thanks to the many people who leave me positive messages and recognize the importance of healing. Getting healthy, whether it is physical or mental, is often a struggle and we can help one another to get through it. For me, writing helps me heal and it is a way for me to offer comfort to others. May the blankets cloak you in friendship as you read the book.

Two Reviews

Two reviews are in so far for Pathways to Illumination. Here are excerpts from each review, with links to both of them so you can read the full posts:

First reader review, written on Redmund Productions:

“Overall, I found this to be a very pleasant read on a soft spring afternoon. I was rooting for the protagonist from the very start. By the end, I found myself smiling bigger and deeper smiles. While it has to be somewhat introspective, it still felt like moments, experiences, emotions that were very familiar to me, and included me, though I’m sure our lives have taken very different paths.”

The second review is published on Among the Pots and Pans, a great blog by Judith C. Evans:

“I highly recommend Pathways to Illumination to any woman — or man — searching for an inspiring, encouraging read.  As Ms. Birmingham reminds us in “What If,” we can choose to “fill a blank page with positive words.” These poems convey a contagious determination to embrace the future in spite of the past. Whether it’s appreciating nature’s beauty or reflecting on lessons learned, Pathways to Illumination is a welcome companion on the healing journey.”

For More Info

If you are interested in getting Pathway to Illumination, simply click the book’s cover image on the right-side menu of my blog and it takes you to the buy page at the Redmund Pro Bookstore.

I wish you all a wonderful new week, and remind you to reach for your goals. Reach forward, reach healthy, and reach for what you can soon achieve.


40 thoughts on “Reviews for Pathways to Illumination

      1. Cat Forsley

        i am a fan
        i am a fan
        am i a #ceiling fan ? lol 🙂
        Can’t wait to read Your Book you amazing woman
        i saw what You wrote on fb today
        and my pulse stopped for a nanosecond
        and i wrote courage personified
        because That’s all i could think of at that moment
        but in all seriousness …..
        Think about HOW you are affecting other lives ……….
        amazing ……
        so Courage Personified = Christy Birmingham !!!!!!!!!!!


        1. Christy Birmingham Post author

          I understand, Cat, and I was not looking for words from people so do not worry about what you did or did not write… I reached out to help anyone who read it and felt like I did those three years ago. I hope the words helped people feel stronger xx Thank-you.


  1. thaygoulart

    Hey Christy, first time in your blog and wow, congratulations!! Happy I bumped into you in this WordPress Community – I’m new to this world.
    I’ll try to keep up w/ you now 😀


  2. Tessa

    Great reviews for a great courageous woman. You will be receiving many more as people are able to read your ‘treasured’ poems. Congratulations!



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