CommuniCATE Guest Post: Writing through Depression

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This is christyb, saying happy new day to you, my friends!

Grab a cup of coffee (or do your prefer tea?) and then join me on the couch. It’s alright, don’t be shy. There’s plenty of room.

Today I am happy to share my guest post at the CommuniCATE blog. The site, run by Cate Russell-Cole, offers tips on writing and creativity to a wide audience. I say thank-you to Cate, for providing me such a quality platform to write about creativity, mental illness and the links between them.

My post explains how writing helped me with my journey to health. I began writing poetry after a long time away from the craft. I was in a deep period of depression when I first picked up the pen. Many of the poems I wrote are now in print within my book Pathways to Illumination.

Please click here to read more about the healing effects of writing in my guest post Writing Your Way Through Depression, at the CommuniCATE blog.

Print-screen of my guest post at CommuniCATE

Guest Post at CommuniCATE.


26 thoughts on “CommuniCATE Guest Post: Writing through Depression

  1. Cate Russell-Cole

    Christy, thank you so much for guest posting on CommuniCATE. You post has deeply touched people. I apprecaite your generosity in sharing your story.

    Wishing you the very best of luck on your creative journey.


  2. lscotthoughts

    Christy, you are an inspiration and proof just how much writing our thoughts down is therapeutic. I’m so glad and thankful you are where you are today…to motivate, inspire and reach out to those in similar situations. You already know your book arrived in my mailbox yesterday, but I know I’ll love reading it, as you’ve always been an inspiration to me for writing poetry. Sending much love and many hugs, my friend!


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Wow, Lauren. I am flattered you consider me an inspiration in your own poetry writing process. That means so much to me as I admire your beautiful works. Thank-you for your friendship and love. xo


  3. Julie Catherine

    Wonderful post, Christy – I left you a message there, too. I’m thoroughly enjoying reading your poems, and plan to do a review of your lovely book very soon! Love and hugs to you dear friend! xoxox



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