Video Time! Let’s Get Our Poetry On


Happiness (Photo credit: baejaar)

How wonderful to compose a video today with my friend and fellow poet Maxima!

Please enjoy this video that we have put together. It features my newest poem If We Go Back. As I read the poem, Maxima plays piano. We both contribute the photos you see during the video.

I hope you enjoy it!

Wishing you love, with miles of poetic hope. ~christyb

If We Go Back

Shudder and stare,
The ability to swim in no longer there-
I sit in the corner alone and
Ponder the time we held time within
Our intertwined fingers.

You are here in memory yet
Miles away in the shadows, as
Your smile got lost in the trashcan
When I threw out the wilted roses.

You wore your dreams in your pocket,
While I woke up in a bed full of goals-
Today I sit in the corner alone,
Yet I am warmer than I ever was with you.

©2013 Christy Birmingham


35 thoughts on “Video Time! Let’s Get Our Poetry On

  1. maab30

    Hey Christy, very nice poem. Two things though. Try slowing down when you read. Its a heart felt poem and should not be rushed. Second it is not necessary to say by… We know you are after all the performer. Other than that, it was really good.


  2. Aquileana


    Congratulations on being hosted at Maxima´s site, CB… And I am grateful to Stefan too as a reader of your poetry…

    Oh, the video poem… It is as beautiful as your soft/shy voice is… Yes like a warm whisper… (Surely warmer than your voice tone that you have in the last days of your relationship with him)…

    I love the first poetic image in the second verse: “The ability to swin in” .

    I believe this ability is in fact a sort of survival skill. I have found it could entail a sort defensive maneuver related with sinking down into the depths of abyssal seas of denial…

    “To ponder the time you held time within interwined fingers”.

    I love this metaphor, it leads me to the representation of time as an object…
    Specifically, I have in mind a he figure of a sandglass. And I tie in the idea of duration to grains of sand slinking within your finger”.

    The ending of the poem is so meaningful,
    “Today I sit in the corner alone/Yet I am warmer than I ever was with you”.

    Warm and lonely: yes, that is a feeling of self awareness and growth as I see it and not a pair of opposite words… The deep waters are cold, yet the inner side (corner) of yourself is always warmer…

    Sending you much love, Christy; Aquileana 😉


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Aqui, You explain well how I have grown since that time. There has certainly been growth and it is only by that growth that I am able to write the poetic lines.

      Time with intertwined fingers speaks to a physical movement and emotional connection. Today, my connection is to myself and is strong.

      I send you much love back and thank-you for the support of the video with Maxima~! xx


      1. Aquileana

        Thanks Christy…♥ ♥ ♥

        To Choose poetry as a way of inner self- growing and personal development was surely the best decision you could make by then…

        (Today; You are not only a stronger person but a great poet !)…

        Wishing you a good week ahead…

        Love, Aquileana 😉


  3. Valerie caraotta

    I so love your expansion to video and your new experimentations in writing. ChristyB you are becoming too a coach and a forerunner in the poetry world. Christy, you are warmer because you chose to live on to new and better things awaiting. May much surface on the horizon for you.



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