The Light That Looks Like a Book

Light looks like book

Lumio light. Screenshot from Design Milk.

Lights can be more than just your typical lamp or flashlight. Now, lights come in shapes that resemble books! How much fun is that?!

A great one that I recently came across is called Lumio, and I read about it in a fascinating article at Design Milk. As per the article, the portable light Lumio expands as it opens to look like a book that is opening its pages. It’s amazing the that wooden cover doesn’t actually contain pages though! Instead, its interior is made from expandable Tyvek that warms as it opens.

Lumio is lightweight and runs on rechargeable batteries so no plug is needed, making it easy to take from room to room at home or take with you on a trip. How cool would it be at the campground? Answer: very cool.

Yup, as a book lover and writer, I’m smiling too!

Combine books and lights

A grouping of the “book” lights. Screenshot from Hello Lumio website.


So now, we just have to get us a few of these! You can even order one with a click of the image above that explains how the rules are no longer the same…

I would have one of the lights by my bed for when I read at night, and one in the living room for when I watch my guilty pleasure TV shows and then… Giggles and nods. I know it would be a great conversation starter for when I meet you all in person too!

I can’t wait to see what other Bookish delights are created in the future. Have you found anything Bookishly fun lately?


44 thoughts on “The Light That Looks Like a Book

  1. Aquileana

    I find it absolutely creative …
    It makes me think in Plato´s analogy between the sun (its light) and Knowledge as a source of Illumination (If you know “the Allegory of the Cavern” you´ll quickly understand what I am saying)…

    As to your question… Yes; I have found something Bookishly “fun” lately…
    I am specifically referring to those bookshelves which tend to appear at Pinterest (take a peak below)

    ►Display your book collection under the stairs

    Thanks for the cool friday share Christy…
    Many hugs, Aquileana 😛


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Hi Aqui!

      Thank-you for such a beautiful comment to go with your beautiful spirit! Aha, I see you were already planning your Plato post when you wrote the comment here 🙂

      Bookish delights are certainly over at Pinterest – YES!! I just looked at the link and that’s a great use of space. It might fit all of my books, hehehe! Thanks for adding to the inspiration here!

      I’m hoping you have a wonderful rest of your weekend,
      Love Christy!


      1. Aquileana

        I am now thinking in my next post on the allegory of the cavern…
        You know me so well, dear Christy.
        Thanks again for sharing. ♥ Many hugs ♥
        Aquileana 😛


  2. penpusherpen

    so much creativity to help us in our reading Christy . useful and looks good too, …But I’ll just stick with my bookish delight being a book, and a room light, ’tis much cheaper. (and means I can buy more books. heh!! 😉 xPenx


  3. Letizia

    I saw this lamp in a magazine and immediately cut it out and put it on my cork board as I thought it was such a clever idea too – bookish minds think alike 😉


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