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Author Interview with J.S. Graydon

Profile Photo of J.S. Graydon

Hanging out with author J.S. Graydon. Photo courtesy of J.S. Graydon.

Hello everyone! Today I have author J.S. Graydon to the Parfait table. She is the author of The White Horseman, a title that might sound familiar if you read my book review. It’s always great to learn more about the authors we come across in the writing world so I was pleased when J.S. kindly accepted my offer to visit.

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Welcome, J.S. Graydon! Here is your cup of hot chocolate. Sorry, we’re out of marshmallows (note to self not to eat them all when I know guests are coming over). Ahem, okay, let’s move onto the interview. Can you please tell us a bit about yourself and your writing background?

I was born and raised deep in the countryside of south England. Everyone there believed in magic-folk. If something went wrong or missing the magical creatures were always first blamed. This is where I pull my characters from. I am an avid reader and easily can get lost in story of a good book. I have been writing since high school.

How great that you have long enjoyed the writing process! What writers inspire you?

I’m a big fan of Dean Koontz, J.K. Rowling, and Dan Brown. I admired the thought that goes into their ideas.

It’s great to have writers you look up to and to have three of them – wow! What books do you like to read?

I actually am fairly open-minded to book genres. I love a good spy mystery, the Harry Potter books were brilliant, and there are so many new authors out today it would be hard to choose.

Cover of the Fantasy Book The White Horseman

Book Cover of The White Horseman by J.S. Graydon.

Yes, so many books, so little time. Now let’s discuss your book The White Horseman. It has an assortment of characters in it! How would you describe your main character Ben in The White Horseman? What sets him apart from past characters you’ve written about?

I gave Ben more depth than past characters I’ve written. I didn’t want him to just be a character on a page in a book – written one dimensionally. I believed in him. He became more real each time I wrote about him. It was a story that I believe in.

I liked that you provided readers of The White Horseman with a look into Ben’s family so that we understood more about his upbringing, which lends itself to his values and personality. What research, if any, did you do to write this book?

Quite a bit actually: All the creatures in the book were taken from true legends. The grendels, the ghillie dhu, and all the strange characters are based on ancient beliefs. Where I could, I added bits of folklore from all corners of the earth! I’m sure if a reader wanted to they could tie each character to a different culture.

I had no idea that the ghillie dhu was based on folklore. Great to hear more about how the cast came to be in this book! Tell us a bit about your writing schedule. How often do you write and do you have a structure to your day?

I try to write as often as I can. Some days are too busy. Some days the story demands its next chapter. Unfortunately, I have no structure to my day though I truly wish I did.

I think we need to add more hours to the day! Speaking of hours, now I’m thinking about time. We can fit in one more question before you go. What tips would you give to someone who are interested in writing his or her first book?

If you believe in yourself keep going. If the first book doesn’t capture you please try again. I recently met someone that told me that he had always wanted to write a book. I stopped to wonder what kind of story he could of written and shared with the world. His story may never be written, so I encourage any aspiring writers to make your dream a reality.

Excellent advice J.S. for anyone considering book publishing. Thank you for coming over to visit, and I will make sure I have marshmallows for your hot chocolate the next time you come visit. ❤

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Do you want to learn more about The White Horseman? Read a synopsis of the book at or Barnes & Noble.

Also, connect with author J.S. Graydon at her website, Twitter, or Facebook.

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45 thoughts on “Author Interview with J.S. Graydon

  1. valentinelogar

    Nicely done, you are such a calm interviewer I think you bring out the best. Loved the answer regarding legends and folklore, given my voracious appetite I know some of these so now I am curious and hopping over to look further.


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Val, you’re so sweet to provide me the compliments! It was a smooth process with J.S. Yes, the folklore is so cool and it was great to ask her questions after I read the book. Have a wonderful night xo


  2. Aquileana

    Great interview ~ I am sure these advices and tips coming from Graydon will be useful and also inspiring for many writers (and bloggers too)… Thanks for sharing and all the best to you, Christy. Have a great rest of your day! :star; Aquileana 😀


  3. Raymond Alexander Kukkee

    Lovely interview, Christyb and J.S., too bad we ate up all of the ice cream sandwiches last time. Now I do have to wonder what the J.S. stands for.. “:)—and she doesn’t have a structure to her day. Interesting. I thought my structure was minimalist “:D


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Ray, it really is a shame we ate all of the ice cream sandwiches! And then I had the marshmallows too… I have to try to leave more treats for people! I thought of you as soon as I read her comment about not having structure to her day as you say you don’t have a to-do list. I liked learning J.S.’s answer too!


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  5. Resa

    Another wonderful interview, Christy! J. S. Thank you for encouraging us all to keep writing. It means a lot!
    Christy, If I ever get to the point of an interview by you, you have no worries. I hate marshmallows!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Swetank

    I love fiction, would absolutely love to give it a try! 🙂 Whereas the interview was thought provoking to the book itself! It aroused my reading desire.. Christy was at its best in terms of interview. She did it well! 🙂

    Be Bettr, Stay Bettr!


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