Escape Pod Emulation for Christy Birmingham

I’m in an epod at Freya Pickard’s blog today. I am only allowed to pack five things with me on this adventure… What will I take? Read on to find out!

Dragonscale Clippings

Here is another Escape Pod Emulation! A warm welcome to author, Christy Birmingham!
So here I am, in this e-pod, and I’m feeling a bit claustrophobic. I better slow down my breathing to conserve the oxygen. Luckily, if I feel lightheaded, it won’t really matter too much as I’m not steering this contraption.
I settle into the console chair, knowing I’ll be here a while, and open up the cloth bag that rests on my lap. Inside, I find my five things here. Only five. It was quite the ordeal to decide what to take with me. I take out each item, one by one.
1. A Book. I find security in the familiarity of the book Surfacing by Margaret Atwood, which I have read several times and contains a handwritten note from my mom on the first page.
2. A Pillow. If I’m going to get some decent…

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38 thoughts on “Escape Pod Emulation for Christy Birmingham

  1. Dee

    I loved your idea of bringing a stuffed toy. That just makes you so real and lovely! Hope your week goes well and filled with comforting places and reads.


      1. melouisef

        Loved your stuffed animal therapy. Maybe you should ask in interviews what calms the nerves. When my husband was in hospital after an accident at the beginning of the year I spent many hours there and started to play Candy Crush. Found it took my mind off things because it is a mixture of luck and skill.😎


        1. Christy B Post author

          Oh yes we all need something to calm our nerves, whatever outlet or “thing” it may be. Sometimes it’s a hug, other times Candy Crush. Actually, I’ve never played it!


  2. Annika Perry

    Christy, I’m already feeling claustrophobic! Great post and love your selection of items – I’ve never heard to that Magaret Attwood book and will check it out. Oh yes, I always like to take my own pillow along and chair dancing! I’ll have to try that next time stuck in traffic. Teddies are one of life’s necessities – I have Minky who has come on most of my travels (and very careworn too!).



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