Reflecting on the Self

Reflections on the Self: Book Reviews & More

It has been quite the week. Ups and downs, both of which we know accompany the gift of life. And it is a gift.

Let’s focus on the positive, shall we? This week I received not one but TWO new reviews of Versions of the Self. Wow. My latest book has been featured on two blogs this week and both are complementary.

Getting Personal with Poetry

The first one is from talented writer Freya Pickard, who wrote on her Drangonscale Clippings blog,

“What struck me about these poems was the personal nature and themes they explore. This is a poet being honest and unpretentious.”

And that is the line that stuck with me from her review. Why be anyone that you are not? Why put on airs or hide behind a facade? Be YOU, beautiful you.

And I’m so glad that this way of being comes through in my poetry collection.

Sometimes Less is More

The second review of Versions of the Self is on the highly esteemed Book to the Future blog, where Ste J. explains,

“Each of the poems are direct and convey their emotions simply and fluently.  There are plenty of excellent phrases scattered generously around showcasing Christy’s ability to convey maximum feeling in short bursts on the page; Which I find to be mirrored with the excellent cover design.”

And, so, I am reminded that the self need not use complex phrases or an abundance of words. In many ways, less is more. Sometimes using too many words can take away from the heart of the message.

Speaking about the Heart, From the Heart

For those of you who know me well, you know that sometimes my heart gets overextended. I may try too much to fulfill requests (professionally and personally) and wear myself out in the process or let others down. That is a weakness that I am trying to work on. We all have things about ourselves that need improvement, right?

I propose today as a day for looking at the self, being thankful for what we have, and looking for ways to better who we are. Here, in Victora, BC, I’ll relax with “blue sky” thoughts.

Let’s be genuine, confident, and hopeful, with a love for our self that enables us to then love others unconditionally.

♥ Christy B


81 thoughts on “Reflections on the Self: Book Reviews & More

  1. Letizia

    Well deserved beautiful reviews, my friends. And I love what you said about taking time today to be thankful for what we have. It’s hard not to feel bitter today, but we need to remember the love we have, the friendships, all the good things in our lives. One thing I’m grateful for? Your lovely blogging friendship.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Christy B Post author

      Yes, I didn’t want to make direct reference to any events but it’s true that many people feel sad today. Letizia, your friendship means so much to me too. Thank you for being here today, sharing in the gratitude, and offering love.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Billybuc

    Amazingly, for probably the first time in my life, I’m so buy writing novels that I don’t have time to read novels. 🙂 Maybe, when I finish all the novels I have planned, I’ll be able to kick back and once again read with reckless abandon. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tessa

      Christy you deserve all the excellent reviews you receive on your latest poetry book. You give of yourself personally and professionally, and it comes through in spades. Your expressive nature and words come through every page of your writing. We value you and the words of wisdom you have shared with us today. Big HUGS!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Peter Day

    Yet again I’m behind on reading 😥 have got Versions of Self but have only read the first two pages…they are personal, from the heart…there is too much sadness in the world,where we work, at home but it’s hidden away because we don’t show how we’re really feeling from the fear of being ridiculed…..I was laughed at when I handed a sick note for depression into a place I worked at….I didn’t let it get to me but it hurt bad….anyway,I still have depression, slightly managed by meds but work at a place I enjoy…..
    Christy, I shall read that book!!!!!!!! 😄


  4. Annika Perry

    Congratulations, Christy on two such lovely thoughtful reviews! Absolutely delighted for you. 😀 Also, your last sentence struck a chord with me today – after a few tricky days when I’m left feeling drained, your words really brought it home – I have to look after myself too!
    ‘Let’s be genuine, confident, and hopeful, with a love for our self that enables us to then love others unconditionally.’


    1. Christy B Post author

      Annika, you’re the second person to comment on that part of the post.. Let’s reignite our spirits by taking some downtime this weekend xx Hopefully we won’t feel drained next week. HUGS

      Liked by 1 person

  5. dgkaye

    Beautiful to see your receiving such wonderful reviews Christy, and you’re making the circuit. I love your inspiration message too. As you know, I try to spread the same positivity around at this time when we all could use the reminders. 🙂 xo<3


  6. Sarah Potter Writes

    Great reviews, Christy. I can’t wait to get reading your poems, which are calling out to me from my Kindle and are on my current reading shelf on Goodreads, waiting for when when life gives me a quiet moment. By the look of those reviews, those poems sound like just the medicine I need, by way of relaxation and spiritual uplift 🙂 xxxx


  7. milliethom

    A lovely. heartfelt post, Christy and one for us all to take note of. Well done on getting the great reviews and I’m sure you’ll get many more. I intend to read your book as soon as I get through those already on my TBR list!


  8. Wendy L. Macdonald

    Christy, my favorite of the compliments you received was that you write concisely; congratulations. Thank you for reminding us: “Sometimes using too many words can take away from the heart of the message.” You’ve inspired me not to fear the eraser or the delete button.
    Blessings ~ Wendy



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