Writing a Poem about a Wolf

A Wolf Inspires a Poem for Kids’ Month

Hi all! This new poem called “Challenge” gets its inspiration from a particular piece of street art depicting a wolf. The amazing artwork was photographed by Resa of Graffiti Lux and Murals, as part of Kids’ Month. Resa has taken photos of wonderful youth-friendly street art and asked for submissions of poetry and short stories to accompany them throughout the month of March. I’m happy to be a part of the exciting project this year! You can participate too by following the link above.

This wolf art caught my eye with its bright colors and wonderful details. The artist is Cash Akoza.

Blue Eyed Wolf Street Art

Wolf Art Inspires Poetry. Art © Cash Akoza. Photo © Resa McConaghy.

And here is the poem that stirred in my mind as I looked at the wolf street art:


You’re a lone wolf,
Away from the pack and
Savoring a fearless thought,
Blue eyes intent on the path ahead.

Your weathered fur drips with
The remnants of rains past and
Wild hope swells within your
Clenched jaw, eager for what lays on
The other side of the trees.

A challenge awaits, and
A new layer of sweat begins.


©2017 Christy Birmingham


105 thoughts on “A Wolf Inspires a Poem for Kids’ Month

  1. Resa

    Dearest Christy,
    Your poem “Challenge” is perfect for the Wolf and for Kids’ Month. I just love it!
    A Milky Way full of thank yous, for the poem, and for the Kids’ Month promo heading the post.
    You’re wonderful! (Will be reblogging this at dinner time, during the incoming blizzard)

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Phil Ryan

    A terrific and clever poem possibly as much about Cash Akoza and his approach to his art as inspired by his painting. Well done, Christy 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Resa

    Reblogged this on Graffiti Lux and Murals and commented:
    Much love to you dear Christy, for sharing your talent here on Kids’ Month. This poem is truly inspired, and you are a hero to me. I also thank you (and Aquileana) for making me aware of “Let Girls Learn”. It is one of the charities I am supporting here,on KM!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Aquileana

    Love your poem, CB 💞✍ lovely imaginary and I wonder which the challenge you mention at the end of the poem would be….
    And please, let me thank you for mentioning me in a generous way in your reply in the reblog … {{ not just in (). 😅 😏}} …. I still remember when we talked about how much we admired Michelle Obama and her work with Let Girls Learn. I am so Glad that we chose that charity. xxoo

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Christy B Post author

      Ohhh challenges, I leave that up to you to decide what it is for the wolf… I am so happy you liked the poem, Aqui 🙂 Makes my heart happy! I’ll have to see what you mean over on the reblog page (yahooo!). Agree re Let Girls Learn. HUGS ❤


  5. reocochran

    Christy, I like that children can also face challenges and “Think like a Wolf!”
    Wouldn’t this be a cool t-shirt with Cash’s wolf art work and the words to get kids psyched to learn (and be clever as a wolf is)?

    Liked by 2 people

  6. dgkaye

    The artwork is truly beautiful, as is your poem. I particularly liked “Clenched jaw, eager for what lays on”, which indeed must be on his mind. 🙂 ❤
    The other side of the trees.


  7. syl65

    “Your weathered fur drips with the remnants of rains past” This invokes two images…rain beating upon the painting on the wall and a lone wolf standing in a pouring rain. Excellent poem, Christy! Wonderful art work!


  8. michnavs

    Thanks to Matthew for reblogging this…he brought me back to you..i kinda lost you ..and havent seen you in my wp reader lately..

    The poem is lovely so as the picture of the wolf…😊


  9. Sageleaf

    Your poetry is so amazing – I love, love the way you parallel words with images, and put visions together through descriptions. The wolf came alive in the poem for me. There’s something about your poetry that’s so accessible. I love it! Have a wonderful day! xo


  10. Annika Perry

    So much to like about this post, Christy. 😀😃I love your poem, it captures the deep inner soul of the wolf whilst still featuring the raw animalistic nature of the beast – beautifully written. The wall painting is great, so vivid, vibrant and those blue eyes grab my attention! Finally, congratulations on taking part of Kids Month – a fantastic sense of community project.


  11. Sarah Potter Writes

    I love that wolf painting and your wonderful words to go with it. Wolves are so beautiful but need treating with utter respect. I think that wolf in your poem definitely needs a whole heap of respect. If I was a small creature in his line of sight, I would be trembling from my ears down to my paws D:


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