The Prince

Time for a poem by Walter De la Mare! Back in December, I posted an analysis of his poem Mistletoe. At that point, Carolee Croft had told me about the poem The Prince. Now, here is the full poem, in all its glory! Oh how wonderful to read it. Wanting to share the find with you all. Have a nice day, following the Easter weekend (for those of you who celebrated it). ♥ Christy

Carolee Croft

Hello again, friends, and sorry about my absence. I’ve been traveling about the UK and now I’m back in Canada feeling somewhat jet-lagged. I remembered a conversation I had with fellow blogger and wonderful poet Christy Birmingham of Poetic Parfait about Walter de la Mare. I wanted to tell her about one of my favorite poems by this author, but couldn’t find a link to it anywhere.

walter de la mare rhymes and versesSo I guess it’s up to me to put this masterpiece on the internet for all to enjoy.

This poems comes from a book called Rhymes and Verses: Collected poems for Young People. Some of the poems are quite creepy, though, and can be thoroughly enjoyed by adults as well. De la Mare often wrote about supernatural creatures such as ghosts, witches, fairies, or just mysterious unexplained things.

Anyhow, this particular poem has always been a favorite of mine because it’s about a…

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49 thoughts on “The Prince

  1. reocochran

    Christy, so glad you connected and shared this post! I have an anthology of poems which featured Walter de la Mare. The illustrations in this one are particularly wonderful! 🙂 Thanks, dear Christy. ❤

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  2. reocochran

    My two sweet de la Mare “baby poems” are self-centric. You may be amused to read (sweets are the theme) “The Cupboard” and “Miss T.” I read them to my 3 children, as well as the other 83 children’s poems in “The Big Golden Book of Poetry.” (1947, updated in 1949). Silly but innocent poems. ❤

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