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National Poetry Month: II Poetry Contest

Fabulous! This poetry contest from We Are All The Same Project celebrates National Poetry Month and also women’s empowerment. You have until May 5th to submit your poem! There a cash price AND We Are All The Same Project will match every poem submitted to the contest with a supply package to St. Lucy’s Shelter, Jersey City. Please see the original post for submission details. Good luck ♥

Inspire For A Better Life

It is National Poetry month!!! We Are All The Same Project invites you to participate in our II Poetry Contest. Let’s express our feelings thru art, send messages to the World thru words. Click here to submit your poem.




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►Philosophy: “Plato´s Cave and Fifteen Million Merits (Black Mirror).-

Today I am over at Aquileana’s blog La Audacia de Aquiles to unveil our collaboration on the groundbreaking television series Black Mirror! In particular, we focus on the episode titled “15 Million Merits.” I hope you will stop by to partake in the philosophical discussion, which includes discussion of Plato’s The Allegory of the Cave, technology, obesity, relationships, and more.
♥ Christy

La Audacia de Aquiles

►Philosophy: “Plato´s Cave and Fifteen Million Merits” (Black Mirror):





Hello readers! This is a post in collaboration with Christy Birmingham, from Poetic Parfait and When Women Inspire. You might wonder how the idea of writing this post came up. Well, basically, I had begun watching Season Three of Black Mirror, which was recently released on Netflix. I told Christy how much I liked it, and, from that moment, we started chatting about the series. Soon after, Christy watched “The Entire History of You”, which is the third episode of the first season, followed by “Fifteen Million Merits” (the second episode of the same season).

We discussed both episodes. And we decided to do a post on the latter. Therefore, this complete post was a result of the exchanges of points of views. But each one of us focused on particular themes.

cb1 Christy Birmingham

Christy wrote…

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Celebrating a Milestone with Friends and a Car Ride

Milestone at the blog and friends

What the… Milestone?! Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Woot! I am saying a big thank you to you for the milestone I noticed here yesterday. Poetic Parfait reached 1,500 followers!


At this point it’s at 1,507! Thank you to every one of you who follow me here (but not in a stalking following way of course). 🙂

I appreciate you all! To celebrate the milestone, I thought it would be fun to go for a ride. You know, get out and celebrate with friends. So, I’m heading to my car now. Why not come along?

Sunny day and celebrations with friends

It’s a sunny day and we celebrate! Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Wow, it’s sunny here in Victoria and we’re going to need some sunglasses. I bet Mark would be a great one to ask where he got his shades. I’ll swing by his place after I pick up Aquileana. I had heard she was having an in-depth discussion with Zeus about a Yeats poem so I am sure she wants to take a break from that and have some fun!

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Easter Bunny Time!

Candy for the Easter Holiday

Mmmm Candy for Easter. Thank you Easter Bunny! Photo: Pixabay Public Domain Pictures.


It is Easter Bunny Time!


Can I please get —->> one chocolate Easter bunny, one M&M egg (type: chocolate, of course), and a stuffed animal in bright pink? Oh, and can the stuffie be really soft for lots of hugs?

Hahahahaha – No, Easter is about more than chocolate and presents. The holiday is about sharing a smile with a friend and a hug with a family member. Maybe the friend is like family!!

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