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Poetry and Me… An Introduction

And so there was ‘one’… and hopefully soon two, three, four – Wait, don’t let me get ahead of myself. This is the ‘one’, my first post for Poetic Parfait.


Crickets chirp.

That’s okay, you will soon understand my intent. Book reviews online are rampant yet it seems there are few dedicated to the review of poetry. Bring on the rhythm that is the poem, bring on the words to lines to rhymes to stanzas. Bring on the emotion that flows with the poetic words and the contented sigh of the reader who gobbles up the last word in the verse like a spoonful of sherbert.

Let us dissect and divulge poetry, whether modern in form or written many years far, far away. Share with me your thoughts on my analysis of a poem or suggest what poem to review next.

Whether you are a poetry reader, writer, general interest junkie, or someone looking to follow a new blog, I welcome you here. Good poetry is like a delicious dessert you just can’t put down. Come sit beside me at the dinner table and bring a spoon.